Monday, 8 August 2016

Baby Converse Booties

This is a pair of baby converse booties. It is a small size booties; I made this for 3 to 6 months boy. To starting the pattern I see some of the crochet booties design in the internet. This one I like for my brother’s baby. I wanted to design these booties in my own way. When I completed my design, I have a lot of fun to crochet them, it is very easy pattern. I made step by step picture that you have easy to understand the pattern. I used the light blue and white colors yarn, those are I already used in my previous pattern the boy romper set, cause of I have an extra.

video tutorial

I used light Dk double knitting yarn, because some friends wanted to explanation about the yarn whenever I used in my pattern, I mention the problem that I have not to use the US yarn, and not know about the brands, I always try to explain about the gauge in my pattern to the stitches and Rows that you easy to learn and follow the pattern.
Instructions: it is very easy and simple pattern, I made step by step picture tutorial for the guide in this pattern I have no added difficult stitches in this pattern. The double crochet together I explain in the description below, to starting the pattern fist see the abbreviations and then follow the pattern to the same.When you working in the front, first put the stitch marker or pin it the stitches, and then start in one side to the other. When you completing the front don’t remove the stitch marker and then starting work into the back side. I hope you will enjoy making this pattern and also hoping that you will share your feelings in the comments. So! Don’t forget my other baby design,like 

click the below links  for down lode the pattern.enjoy the new pattern. 

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6 hdc x 4 Rows = 1 inch

Size: small 3 to 6 months baby

Item to be need:
Two colors light blue and white, light Dk double knitting yarn 4ply

Crochet needle

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.         Crochet
ch.       Chain
sc         Single crochet
hdc      Half double crochet
dc.       Double crochet
sts.       Stitches
st.        Stitch
slst.      Slip stitches
sc tog   Single crochet together
dc tog    Double crochet together


Rnd1:   ch12, 1 hdc in 3rd ch, 1 hdc in next 8 ch, 5 hdc in last ch,
Work in opposite side, 1 hdc in next 9 sts, 5 hdc in last st, slst to join in top. (28sts)

Rnd2:   ch1, 1 hdc in same st, 1 hdc in next 8 sts, 2 hdc in each st into last (5 sts group),
Work in opposite side, 1 hdc in next 9 sts, 2 hdc in each st into last (5 sts group),
slst to join in top. (38sts)

Rnd3:  ch1, 1 hdc in same st, 1 hdc in next 8 sts, (2 hdc, 1 hdc), repeat 5 times in
             next 10sts,Work in opposite side, 1 hdc in next 9 sts, (2 hdc, 1 hdc), repeat
             5 times in last 10sts,slst to join in top. (48sts)

Rnd4:   ch1, 1 hdc in same st into back loop, 1hdc in each st into back loop around,
              slst to join in top. (48sts)

Rnd5:   ch1, 1 hdc in same st, 1 hdc in each st around, slst to join in top. (48)

Change color blue:
Rnd6:   ch1, 1 sc in same st, 1 sc in each st around, slst to join in top. (48)
Change the main color white:
Rnd7:   repeat (Rnd 6). (48)
Make the toe:
 Note:  stitch marker the front 22 sts, (see the pic)

Rnd8:     ch3, (dc tog) repeat 10 times in next 20 sts, 1 dc in last st, turn. (12)

Rnd9:     ch3, (dc tog) repeat 5 times in next 10 sts, 1 dc in last st, turn. (7)

Rnd10:   ch 1, (6 sc tog) in next sts, yarn over and pull throw all loops,
               Pull tight, weave in end. 

Make tongue:
Join yarn into right side facing in front of the toe in the base of the (Rnd8) 

Rnd1:         ch1, 1 sc in same st, pick up 11 sc more evenly across the top 
                 edge of the toe,(Total 12 sc) turn. (See the pic)
Rnd2:        ch1, sc in same st, 1sc in each st across, turn. (12)
Rnd3:        ch1, sc in same st, 1sc in next 11 sts, 1sc into turning ch, turn. (13)
Rnd4-5:     repeat (Rnd3). (15)
Rnd6-10:   repeat (Rnd2). (15). Fasten off

Upper boot:
Join yarn before 2sts into the stitch marker place. (See the pic) 

Rnd1:     ch1, 1sc in same st, 1sc in next st marker place, 1sc in each next remaining
               26 sts, 1sc into stitch marker place, 1sc in next st, ch 1, turn. (30)
 Rnd2:    skip 1st st, 1sc in next st , 1sc in next 10 sts, (sc tog) in next, 1sc in next
               2 sts, (sc tog) in next, 1 sc in next remaining sts, ch1, turn. (27)
Rnd3:    skip 1st st, 1sc in each st across, ch1, turn. (26)
Rnd4:    skip 1st st, 1sc in next 10 sts, (sc tog) in next, 1sc in next st, (sc tog) in next,
               1 sc in next remaining sts, ch1, turn. (23)
Rnd5:    repeat (Rnd3). (22)
Rnd6:    skip 1st st, 1sc in next 9 sts, (sc tog) in next, 1 sc in next remaining sts,
               ch1, turn. (20)
rnd7:      repeat (Rnd3). (19)
rnd8:      repeat (Rnd3). (18)
rnd9:      repeat (Rnd3). (17)
rnd10:    repeat (Rnd3). (16). Fasten off

Flow the second boot pattern to the same

Make lace:
Make ch 110, cut the yarn. Fasten off
Finishing:   insert the lace into the edges of the two sides to the same point.

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  1. I like your blog ..thank you for sharing your creations!

  2. Me encantan,, me gustarĂ­a hacerselos a mi nieto


  3. what a great pattern, first time i have done a matching pair, thank you

  4. Thank you for the pattern. Just for your information, it's slip stitch, not sleep stitch. :)

    1. hahahaha thanks and sorry for typing mistake

  5. Hi I'm just doing the boots great pattern but just wondered what does it mean pick up 11 sc evenly across toe and so there's 12. Thanks

    1. when we working in the tongue,starting work in one corner to the the other, first join yarn then make 1 single crochet in the same stitch, 1 single crochet in the next, total make 12 single crochet.(see the picture)
      thank u

  6. HI
    I don't understand the instruction 'pick up 11 sc evenly across toe and so there's 12'.
    Where do you get the 11 stitches from? (Rnd10: ch 1, (6 sc tog) in next sts, yarn over and pull throw all loops, Pull tight, weave in end).
    Thank you

  7. ok! if you see the picture so you can easy understand it.i again instruct you,after completing round 10 join yarn into base of the toe corner and make 12 single crochet stitches evenly each pick up into the edge.

  8. Hi are you on fb or anything as I'd love to show you my boots thanks to you

  9. join my fb page and upload it you are warm welcome

  10. Hi, great pattern! I do little crocheting....more knitting ..... so I have a question. Row 4 you use back loop. Do you also use back loop for rows 6 and 7? Thank you.

    1. thanks for the i am not used the back loop in the row 6 and 7.

  11. Do you have a video instruction sruggling a bit

    1. yes i have. see my YouTube channel,there i uploaded the boy sneaker video tut.her the link(

  12. Love your patterns and will definitely be making many of them up! Will share finished products :)

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for such clear instructions. Not many patterns are so easy to understand, and these shoes are adorable! I'm making a white and green pair for a friend having a rainbow baby. She's going to love them! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  14. most welcome hardy. many thanks to appreciated my way.

    designer aamragul

  15. Hi I love your patterns u are very clever. Could I do these for a newborn please

    1. yes less some of chains or use smaller hook.

  16. Alhamdulillah...a beautiful pattern n very easy to follow it.

  17. I have been crocheting for over 15 years. This is the first written pattern I was able to complete. Thank you so much for adding pictures! My project turned out better than I thought. Wonderful job! You have opened up my world to written patterns

    1. thanks to appreciate my work and also follow me. most welcome any time

  18. Beautiful pattern and thank you very much for sharing. I can't wait to try it.

  19. Very well written. Made for a baby shower--They were adored. Thank you so much.

  20. You have done a great job on this article. It’s very readable and highly intelligent. You have even managed to make it understandable and easy to read. You have some real writing talent. Thank you.
    3 months baby

  21. Do u have a pattern for a size 4 5 or 6 size for a toddler?

  22. Thank you so much for such a clearly written pattern . I've made several pair of these for gifts. Very cute!

    1. thank u so much to appreciate my work.

    2. Thank you for the directions. Had to write it down so I don't forget. Making them for my unborn grandson due in November. Also thank you for the tutorial.

  23. Thank you for your lovely patterns. They are well written and easy to follow. It's generous of you to share them.


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  26. Very very thankful for pattern and theory

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