Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Bobble Stitch Purse

I am very glad to see that all my friends likes and appreciate my hand made crochet bag. So, I think in my mind that I should make some different for my friends, so I made a new Crochet purse for those who liked to crochet a new things.
Now I made a bobble stitch purse in my own way. Bobble stitch is very beautiful and Different stitch to other. Everyone have their own idea to making the bobble stitch, and use .This stitch in many different things, like purse, blanket, hats and shawls, I liked all of them.
I used the bobble stitch in the bag in my own way; it is very easy way to crocheting the purse. It is very simple way to understanding those who new in this field and they did not know, how To make the bobble stitch purse.

I explain about the bobble stitch method in my pattern below, to starting the pattern. First you see the special stitch. I mention about the lining too. I want to make some picture. Tutorial also, but sorry to say I have no time. In my coming purse pattern I will tried to make some picture for the lining tutorial. Enjoy and test the pattern.

Item to need:
One color purple worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet hook 3 mm
Crochet needle
Lining fabric
Thread and needle
Buckle and handle material

Gauge: width= 12 inch, length=8 inch
Size:      medium
c.             Crochet
ch.          Chain
sc            Single crochet
dc.          Double crochet
sts.         Stitches
st.           Stitch
slst.        Slip stitch

Special stitch bobbles stitch:
Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the stitch, and pull up a loop, Yarn over the
 hook, pull throw 2 loops, we have 2 loops on hook, yarn over the hook, and insert
the hook into the same st, pull Up a loop, yarn over the hook, pull throw 2 loops, we
have 3 loops on hook, repeat more 2 times ,at the end we have 5 loops on hook, yarn
over the hook and pull throw all loops. It is competed the bobble stitch.
Rnd1:   make ch51, 1dc in 4th ch, 1dc in each st across, turn. (49)
Rnd2:   ch1, sc into the same st, sc in next st, bobble in next st, sc in next 2sts,
              Repeat, (sc in 2sts, bobble in next st), across, turn. (49)
Rnd3:   ch3 (count as dc), 1dc in sc 2sts, 1dc in top of the bobble st, repeat
              (1dc in sc sts, 1dc in bobble st), across, turn.(49)
Rnd4-49:   repeat (Rnd2, Rnd3)
Note: Make a long piece of rectangle shape, if you want to sew the lining first and
Not use a zipper in it, so,sew the lining. If you want to sew the zipper like this, before
the sewing cut the lining fabric, and then sew both the sides of the purse in wrong
side, use a slip stitch in each  stitch evenly across to the end.
Make a lining and zipper:

First lay out the fabric, put the purse rectangle on it, cut the fabric and leave 1 inch gape
In 4 sides for the sewing. the line fabric ready for sewing .
Sewing:  press the top opining of the line in 1 inch into the wrong side, and then the other side
To the same. using a sewing machine for the sewing ,fold the lining into the wrong side
Facing out, and sew the side in 1 inch gape, then sew the other side to the same.
Over luck the edges of the sides of the lining.
Sewing the zipper:
Into the wrong side of the zipper attach the right side of the lining, use a sewing machine,
You can also use a needle and thread. Start sewing into the corner and sew it slowly
Around the lining. the lining is ready to sewing into the purse.
Sew the lining into the purse:
With the right side facing put the lining into purse, pin it the lining and crochet purse,
Use a matching thread and needle for the sewing. Fasten off

Make a handle:
Rnd1:    ch200, sc in same st, sc in each st across, 3sc at the last st, work in opposite
               side, sc in each st across, 3sc into the last st, slst.
Rnd2:     slst in each st around the handle. Fasten off
Finishing:    sew the handle rings into both of the sides; insert one side of the handle
Into the buckle, and secure it, and then insert into the handle, and secure it.


  1. I love this pattern for your Bobble-Stitch-Purse. I have to try it, this is very well written and easy to follow. I love the purse strap, I never thought of working on the back side of the chain to make a strap,great idea that look good and strong. I'm thinking of making some simple squares to sew inside for pockets to put things in. Thank you so much for sharing this free pattern.

    1. thank you so much for your nice comments

    2. Hey I would love to try to make this purse but I am pretty ameture so I don't know the terms, but I can repeat what I see in a video. I can't seem to find the video, though. Any chance you can directly send me the video to my email? Btw I'm left handed, but I can still repeat it backwards most of the time .so if you can revert the video in a way that would look like left that would be greatly appreciated but not mandatory. Please and thank you.


    3. sorry to say that is my old post and that time i didn't make any of video, so pls wait for me i will try to make a video.