Thursday, 7 May 2015


 Season is off yet Hobby season dependably improve your brain creation  After a taxing week nonattendance i chose that another creation to make the Spiral crochet blossom. This Flower look exceptionally excellent, you have utilize this blossom in headband, head satchel and numerous other thing. You make this in distinctive hues to use with an alternate simple to make and simple to utilize. i am certain that you will like and get it.this is called the spiral crochet flower.

Item need for this pattern is
small hook 3MM,
any color worsted yarn 4 ply

Ch      chain
Sc       single crochet
Sts      stitches
St        stitch
Slst     slip stitch
Rnd    round


Make the magic ring.

Round 1.     chain 1, 20 sc into the magic ring slst.
Round 2.     chain 9, skip 1 st, 1 terrible crochet into the next st, chain 5, skip 1st 
                       and next st,1 terrible crochet, repeat this around, sls into the 4th chain.

work into the petals:

Round  3.           7 sc into the space and 7sc into the post of the terrible crochet
                               make total 14 sts in one petal.
    turn work:     1sc across into the 13sts, at the last st, slst.
    turn work:     1sc across into the 13sts, at end sls into the center of the two petals.
    turn work:      skip the slst, chain 1, sc, chain 1, sc repeat this across into 13sts.

Round 4.     At the wrong side of the petal, slst into the 5sts and work into the next petal.
Round 5.     repeat petals, 9 more times. Total 10 petals complete.

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