Saturday, 10 October 2015

Crochet Pouch/Clutch

Today I made a thing that is extremely unique and the need of our everyday life. It is called pouch/clutch. Actually I was need a pouch on the grounds that some time I confront trouble to locate a little things like keys and so forth in my hand bag. So I chose to purchase small pouch form market.

After that I consider my knit aptitude and decided that within little practice why not I make a little pocket and spare my cash. It is the brilliant advantage of an ability to spare time and make your own outline as you need in your favorite shading.

To making my pouch I think to use a special stitch in it, that is called cable stitch. I was never used any more in my crochet work. It’s not difficult .it is easy to make and you will make more beautiful design as you want in any color through this cable stitch. So I decided that why not to use cable stitch in my new pattern to teach you and get more like.

Secondly I was post a flower picture in Google plus. The response of the flower picture was profoundly energized. Some friends requested the pattern of the flower. So the pattern is need to writable and also need of my pouch. The pattern is here.

I am extremely happy to see that people like my patterns, encourage me and visit my web blog. You individuals don’t know my feeling about your remarks and likes. So I am trying my best to make/write best and more highly pattern for you.

Item to be Need:
Different color of worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet needle
Sewing needle

Finish Size:  Small size , gauge 10cm length x 16cm width, 36 stitches in one row

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms

C.         Crochet.

Ch.      Chain.

Sc        Single crochet.

Hdc.    Half double crochet
Dc.       Double crochet.
Sts.      Stitches.
St.        Stitch
slst.      Slip stitch
Sks.     Skip stitch.

First we make a ch36.

Rnd1:     ch2, 1hdc in each st across (36hdc) turn.

Make a cable stitch:

Rnd2:          ch3, skip st and 1dc into next 3sts, 1dc into previous skip st, 
                     repeat (3dc, skip st, 1dc into skip st) Across (8time) at the last st 1dc, turn.


Rnd3:          ch2, 1hdc in each st across (36hdc) turn.

Rnd4-21:    repeat (Rnd2, Rnd3). Fasten off

 Finishing size:  make a (20cm length) and (16cm width) rectangle crochet piece.

Make a lining:

Choose a cotton fabric for the lining, lay out the lining fabric ant put the crochet piece on it, Cut the fabric and leave 1inch for the sewing into 4 sides, sew only both of the length and leave the top opening.
work; sew the lining fabric and crochet piece together use a needle and thread for sewing. Fold the pouch in a half right side together then sew the sides with a crochet hook and yarn, use slst for sewing, leave the opening for the zipper.
pouch is ready for zipper.

Sew the zipper: 


First measure the zipper to the opening of pouch if the zipper fit inside the opening so, start the sewing, If not, first sew the point place of zipper into fit gauge and then cut the zipper (see the picture above) My zipper is ready for sewing inside the pouch, pin it the zipper inside the pouch around to the right point, and then start sewing one side to the other, use thread and needle for sewing, secure both corner,weave in end. Fasten off 

Make a handle:

Rnd1:     slip knot into the corner and make ch3, 1dc into 1st ch, make circle.
Rnd2:     into the circle (ch1, 1hdc, 6dc, 2hdc, 1sc) 1hdc into the dc and ch space
               (1sc, 2hdc, 6dc, 1hdc, 1sc) slst into the 1st ch.
Rnd3:     ch2, 1dc into slst, ch3, 1dc into the middle of dc and ch, continue work 
               into the circle (ch1, 1hdc, 6dc, 2hdc, 1sc) 1hdc into the front and middle 
               space of 2 hearts, (1sc, 2hdc, 6dc, 1hdc, 1sc) slst into the 1st ch.

Continue work as you want to longer the handle.

Make a flower:

Make chain 30.
Row 1:  1hdc in each stitch across, Turn.
Row 2: ch3, skip 3stitches, one sc into 4th stitch, repeat (sc, skip 3sts, ch3, sc) 
             (make 7 spaces).
Row 3: (1sc, ch2, 5dc, ch2, 6dc) into the (4spaces)
Row4: (1sc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 4dc) into the (3 spaces).
Row5:  to start folding into the small side to the large and sew it with a crochet needle.

Finishing:  if we have finish all the work, sew the flower on the pouch.