Sunday, 15 May 2016

Handmade Crochet Bag

I made this crochet handbag to the same pattern of the ladies fancy bag. In this time I made the flap also, cause of my sister told me to making the flap. I wrote the entire pattern again, and share to you those who want to make the flap crocheting bag. Some people liked very much the flap crochet bags. The flap handbags look beautiful and fancy; I also like very much to crochet the handbags.
I used a treble crochet stitch in this pattern. When you made the bag as you want to larger and ready to making the flap, you must count the stitches and then start the flap. Use the same pattern of the bag, if you want to make bigger flap that so on, continue some more rounds to the same pattern. 

When I making the handle I made some picture for you that easy to understand the pattern, the picture is very easy way to instruct about the pattern. The handle I made very thick and strong for those people who want to wearing in the shoulder. I sewed 1 buckle on the front; you have also use a beautiful button on enjoy and make the new idea of the hand made crochet bag/purse. 

Item to be need:
Two colors (orange and skin) worsted yarn 4ply
Main color skin. And 2nd color orange
Crochet needle
Lining Fabric
Handle material and buckle

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.         Crochet
ch.       Chain
sc        Single crochet
dc.       Double crochet
sts.      Stitches
st.        Stitch
slst.     Slip stitch
Trb.     Treble crochet
FP.       Front post

 Finish size:     width =11 inch x Length = 8 inch:   handle length = 22 inches
Gauge:      4 dc in 2 rows = 1 inches


Rnd1:     ch 35, dc into 4th ch, 1 dc across, 5 dc into last ch, work into opposite side,
              1 dc in each ch across, 5 dc into last ch, slst into the top of ch 3. (72)
Rnd2:     ch3, (as count dc), 1 dc into same st, 2 dc into next st, 1 dc into next 28 sts,
              2 dc into next 2 sts, (2 dc into last 5 sts), work into opposite side, 2dc into next
              2 sts, 1 dc into next 28 sts, 2 dc into next 2 sts, (2 dc into last 5 sts) slst into the
              top of ch 3. (90)
Rnd3-4: ch3, (as count dc), 1 dc in each st around, slst into the top of ch 3. (90)
Rnd5:    ch 1, 1sc into same st, 1 sc in each st around, slst into the sc. (90)
Pattern row:
Change the color orange:
 Rnd6:   Ch3, FP trb  1step down into  the dc post, 1 dc into next sc st, FP trb 1 step down
             into next dc post, repeat around (Fp trb 1 step down into dc post, 1dc into
             next sc st) slst into top of ch3.(90)
Rnd7:    ch 1, 1sc into same st, 1 sc in each st around, slst into the sc. (90)
Rnd 8-25: repeat (Rnd 6 and Rnd 7) (90)

Note: remember always change the color after completing 2 Rnds.

At the end of Row25 we make the flap part. Divide the sts in two parts front 45sts and
Back 45sts, and then start the flap.

Make a flap:
 Before starting the flap, count the stitches; skip 7 stitches in both of the sides in the back,
Stitch marker into the same place, and then work continue to the same pattern of the bag.
Rnd1:     Join yarn into the stitch marker place, and make ch2, continue work to the
              Pattern Row6, work in 32 sts, ch1, turn.
Rnd2:    1sc in each stitch across, at the end of the last sc change the color, ch2.
Rnd3-10:    follow the work to the same of the pattern (rnd1 and rnd2). Fasten off
Make the edges:
Work in main color skin, join the yarn into the corner of the flap in right side, and work 1 sc
evenly across, 2sc into corner of the flap, sc in each of the sc, 2sc into the 2nd corner of
the flap, sc evenly across into the 2nd side, 1sc around the bag, at the end slst to join into
ch1. Repeat 1 more time. Fasten off
Make a strap:
Find the center, and work in 5sts into the center, join yarn, ch1, sc into same st, sc in
next 4sts, ch1, turn. Repeat 14 rows. Fasten off
Sewing: Sew 1 buckle in the middle of the front; sew the handle rings into the corner.

 Make a handle:
Rnd1:      work into the metal ring, 5sc into the metal ring, ch1, turn. (5sc)

Rnd2:      1sc into same st , 1sc into next 4sts, ch1, turn. (5sc)

Rnd3:      2sc in each 5sts, at the end join in first sc. (10sc)

Rnd4:      work 1sc around the sts, don’t join, work around and around as you
                want to longer the handle.

Rnd5:      remove the twist into the handle; join the opening together, work sc,
                make total 5sc, at the end ch1, turn. (5sc)

rnd6:      1sc into same st , 1sc into next 4sts (5sc) don’t make ch1, turn.

Rnd7:     join the 2nd metal ring, 1sc around the ring, make 5sc. Fasten off

First pin it the matching zip inside around the bag, pin it and start into corner, sew it slowly around
the zip to the end. after completing the zip, then sew the lining inside the bag.. 

Making the lining:
Use any color thick fabric for the lining.
Making:   lay out the two pieces of the fabric, put the bag on it and then cut it in 1inches gape for the sewing, cut the corner in round shape like the bag, use the sewing machine for sewing, fold the fabric in the right side facing together, and then sew the lining fabric into the wrong side around, leave small hole 2inches opening in the bottom, finish the sewing, and grab the right side out, then sew the small hole. Again use the sewing machine, leave the top opening and sew both sides of the lining.lining is ready for inside the bag.

sewing: put the lining inside into the bag right side facing,to start the sewing first pin it around into the same of the zipper stitching and then sew it slowly to the end. use the same thread for the sewing. Fasten off

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  1. Is the pattern written in U.S. terminology or in European terminology?

  2. I forgot to add that I really like your pattern. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. do u have the video of the same???
    and its really suprbb .....

    1. No ! i have not but through mail any help, i will be share.