Thursday, 22 September 2016

Crochet Small Cute Purse

This is the small purse for the cute little girls. They put small cute things in it and holding in their shoulders her personality look great and gorgeous. The crocheting small things I crocheted just for fun. It’s completing in short time, in the last two or three weeks I attempted the small items and share with you. I am very glad to see that my lovers have interesting in my design and follow the pattern. I always was crocheting only just for fun and some are making to others for especial occasions as a gift. This cute little purse is perfect for your little one and would be a gift for any time as you celebrating their birthday.

This purse you can easy to adjust in large size for your own small things, like jewelry, makeup items and more. Before starting increase the chains and working easy to the end. Its crocheted quick and easy to understand the pattern, play with a just for fun.
Instructions:  I made a small cute purse for your little one. This purse is very easy to making. I made a long solid piece and then made a flap section. I used a simple and easy stitch a half double crochet stitch, this stitch is very easy to adjust in many design. The flap I made separate and then join into the purse. Picture tutorial help easy to understand and you have easy to follow the pattern. After completing I sewed the lining too, if you have not use the lining so leave it and sew the small cutie purse. The small flap idea you also like and appreciate. You adjust the bigger size very easy.

Follow the easy purse idea and hope you will be enjoy the small creating in your free time. If you have any problem to understand the pattern, so, please share with me, I will help. I made some more different design the small purses; nearly I will share with this month i making some new and cute things for small babies,all the project nearly i added in my, enjoy and follow the new creating purse design.

Item you need:
crochet hook.  3mm or D3.25
thread and thread needle.
Yarn worsted 4 ply (16 to 20 sts = 4 inch)
1 button 

size:   small

Gauge: width = (16cm) Length= (17cm)

US Terms

c.         Crochet
ch.       Chain
sc.        Single crochet
dc.       Double crochet
hdc.     Half double crochet 
sts.      Stitches
st.        Stitch 
slst.     Slip stitches 
rnd.      Round

Rnd1:         ch41, 1hdc in 2nd ch from the hook, 1 hdc in each ch across, turn. (40)

Rnd2-21:   ch1, hdc in same st, 1hdc in each st across, turn. (40) Fasten off

NOTE: When we completed a rectangle piece, measure the piece of length= (13 inch).

Make a Flap:
Starts into a magic circle, ch1, tight the ch1.

Rnd1:     ch3, 7 dc into a magic circle, slst into the top of ch3. pull circle in. (8 dc)
Rnd2:     ch4, 1dc in next st, ch1, repeat (1dc, ch1) in each st across, at the end ch1,
              1dc in last st, turn.
Rnd3:     ch4, 2dc in ch-space, ch1, repeat (2dc in ch-space, ch1) across, at the end
              ch1, 1dc in last st, turn.
Rnd4:     ch4, 3dc in ch-space, ch1, repeat (3dc in ch-space, ch1) across, at the end
              ch1, 1dc in last st, turn.
Rnd5:     ch4, 4dc in ch-space, ch1, repeat (4dc in ch-space, ch1) across, at the end
              ch1, 1dc in last st, turn.
Rnd6:     ch1, sc in same st, ch3, 1sc in 3rd st into 4dc group, repeat (ch3, 1sc in 3rd st
              into 4dc group), 1sc at the last st, turn.
Rnd7:     ch1, 1sc in same st, 6dc into ch3 space, repeat (6dc into ch3 space) across,
              1sc in last st. weave in end.  Fasten off

Sewing: before sewing the sides, first sew the flap into the purse. Then sew the lining in 
              side the purse.
Sew the Flap and Lining:

Work:  sew the flap into the wrong side,

step1:   hold both pieces right side facing together and sew into the wrong side; use a single crochet
            stitch for sewing. 

 step2:   sew the lining  inside around, use thread and thread needle.(see above picture)

step3:   sew both of the sides, using a single crochet stitch for sewing.
step4:   sew 1 button on the front of the purse. Fasten off

Make a handle:

Work:   make ch 120, 1sc in each st across, 3sc in last st, 1sc into the opposite side in each st across,
             at the end 3 sc in last st, slst.
Sewing:   sew the handle in both of the sides. Fasten off

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  1. These are really cute & look cool pattern.........!!!!!!!!
    elbow length gloves

  2. Hi i am new with crochet and trying this cute lil pouch. I followed the pattern but my rectangle is anbit shorter than the one in the photo i wonder what i have done wrong😖. And my flap is a bit crampled but i think it is fine.