Saturday, 25 March 2017

Flower Square Design

Today I made a new flower crocheted square design posting in my blog. This is originally share with the same video. This easy tutorial help for the beginner crocheters and who learn and teach for the beautiful design’s for the home decoration. I bring always some easy way to create with my own written instruction I made for my friends and wavers who always join me and follow me. I am very thankful for all of them who support me in their web and share my pattern in their own famous and globally share to others.

This Flower square I made for my own idea, I am using a special cluster US terms 3 in complete double crochet stitch in working in the same stitch. I made the same tutorial for help that how I making the crocheted flower square. I added the two colors in this pattern when you see the video tutorial how I added a new color and can see how to make the flower to convert in the square.
You should make some of the squares in one color or in two then join to gather you can easy to make a  baby blanket ,square purse, square table cover and have to use in many other ways, if you want to more bigger the pattern so, repeat the 3rd round in 2 or 3 more rows, this way your square look more bigger than this one.

This Flower Granny helps for you to how can making the different colors to join and we create  simple and new idea for home decoration. You can add some more colors and make different items for the home decorate items. I hope you will be enjoy this easy pattern and follow me, I making same videos for help to you, if I have a mistake in my speaking so, forget it! And inform me I will try to improve.

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Gauge: (5dc x 2 row = 1inch)

Item to be need:
Two colors DK cotton light 4 ply
Crochet hook 3mm/D 3.25 US
Crochet needle

US Terms Abbreviations:
c.           crochet
ch.         chain
sc.          single crochet
dc.         double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.          stitch
sts.        stitches
rnd.       round
cl.         Cluster
rpt         repeat
ch-sp     chain space

Special stitch:  3 in complete double crochet cluster stitch (see how to make the cluster stitch)


Start with a magic circle.(see the video tutrial)
(Ch2 as count)

Color A:
Rnd1:     into a magic circle we make 1st cl (see Abbrev for the cluster stitch)
              Ch2, cl, rpt total 8 times, Join in the 1st st. (8 clusters)
Color B:
(Ch2 as count)
Rnd2:     into 1st ch-sp make (cl, ch2, cl),*ch2, (cl, ch2, cl)* rpt * to * in each sp around,
               Slst to join in the 1st st.
Note:   in the next round we make 4 corners for the square shape.
Color A:   
(Ch2 as count)
Rnd3:     (make 1st corner) into 1st ch- sp make (cl, ch2, cl),* ch2, cl in next ch-sp, ch2 (cl, ch2)
                rpt 2 more, make 2nd corner in next ch-sp (cl, ch2, cl)*rpt *to* 4 times around,

                slst to join in 1st st. Fasten off weave in end

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