Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Baby Cardigan Sweater

Hello friends! Today we share my new baby cardigan sweater using for all season. This adorable and stylish design made for little girl. It’s a very special gift for cute and lovely little girls for winter. We love crocheting baby items in the whole of the years. All my design made for beginner and for those who want to make baby things in home for selling their own items. Thanks so much for all your support and excitement about my previous patterns and videos’ we couldn’t do it without you!
I hope to add more special design for coming winter. Free crochet pattern originally share in my blog. Hope you will be enjoying my new ideas with simple pattern and share the same videos too.

Instructions:  We made this crochet baby cardigan jacket for 12-24 months. We adding only one color in this sweater, you also add more colors in your own choice. We used DK weight yarn and 3mm crochet hook for this cardigan jacket. Size of the length we mention in the below description. This sleeveless baby Cardigan is crocheted form the neck line down, if you want to make a sleeves so repeat the round or use a simple double crochet stitch, it’s very easy to start used a simple double crochet and v-stitch. This large size so we repeated many of the increasing rounds, if you need a smaller size so you should leave more increasing round and start the body section. We added the new and simple design in the skirt, for more help watch my video instructions.

Hope you will be enjoying this girl baby cardigan sweater. Watch the same video tutorial. Let me know about it, in future we bring more beautiful design for the small baby beaded booties for little girls. Thank you so much for testing and sharing my design.

Item to be need:
Yellow color baby DK weight yarn (4ply)
Crochet hook size 3.00 mm
Small buttons
Crochet needle

Size:   12-24 month’s baby
Gauge:  5 dc x 2 row = 1 inch
Pattern for gauge:  
Length top to bottom =17 inches
Special stitch:
1.       Count stitches and do stitch marker on the same place.
2.       Ch2 &ch1 do not count.
3.       Check out the size of the chest before starting the skirt.
4.       V st (double crochet, chain1, double crochet make in same stitch)

US Terms Abbreviation
c.           crochet
ch.         chain
sc.          single crochet
dc.         double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.          stitch
sts.        stitches
Rnd.      Round
Sp.        Space
Skp.      Skip/miss
Rpt.      Repeat


Start with a neck line:
Round1:     ch61, sc in 2nd ch, sc in each ch across, turn. (60)
Round2:     ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st across, turn. (60)
Round3:     ch2, dc in same st, dc in next 3 sts, *skp st, v st (dc, ch1, dc)in next st, skp st, dc 
                   in next 4 sts*  Rpt * to * across, turn.
Round4:     ch2, dc in same st, dc in next 4 sts, *vst (dc, ch1, dc) into middle in previous 
                   vst-sp, dc in next  6 dc sts* rpt * to * across, turn.
Round5-13:    Repeat (Rnd 4).
Round14:       ch1, sc in same st, *sc in each st, sc in vst-sp*, rpt * to * across, turn. (220)

Note:   in next round join front to back and leave armhole stitches. Divide sts in 5 parts
Stitch marker (30 for 1st front, 50+50 for both sleeves, 60 for back side, and 30 for 2nd front)

Round15:   ch1, sc in same st, sc in each 29 sts across, make ch7, leave 50 sts for armhole,
                    Join front to back, sc in each 60 sts in back side across, make ch7 for 2nd armhole,
                    leave 50 sts, Join back to front, sc in next st , sc in each 29 sts across to end. Turn

Sweater Body:
Start with wrong side facing.
Round1:     ch1, sc in same st, *skp 3 sts, ch3, sc in next st* rpt * to * across, sc in last st, turn.
 Right side facing.
Round2:     ch3, 3dc in same st, *skp ch3 space, sc in next sc st, ch3, 3dc in same st,*
                     Rpt * to *across, turn.
Round3:     ch6, *sc into top of the 3rd ch into previous round ch3, ch3,* rpt *to * across, turn.
Round4:     ch3, 3dc in same st, * skp ch3 space, sc in next sc st, ch3, 3dc in same st,*
                     Rpt * to *across, at the end skp 3ch, sc in 4th ch into previous ch6, turn.
Round5-28:  repeat (Rnd 3 & Rnd 4). Fasten off
Make front band x 2:
Round1:         join yarn into corner right side facing, ch1, sc in same st, sc along the band, turn.
Round2-4:     sc in each st across to end, turn. Fasten off
Make armhole x2:
Round1:     right side facing join yarn in corner into the armhole, ch1, sc in same st, *skp 3 sts, 
                   ch3, sc in next st*, rpt * to * around, slst to join in 1st sc.
Round2:     ch3, 3dc in same st, *skp ch3 space, sc in next sc st, ch3, 3dc in same st,* 
                   rpt * to * around, Slst to join 1st sc. Fasten off

Finishing:     into wrong side sweater, sew the small opening under the armhole, use crochet 
needle and Yarn for sewing. For more help (watch the video tutorial)
Sew small buttons on front band.

see the baby booties:


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely pattern. The link to the shoes does not work. Can you advise me where to find them? Thank you again.

    1. sorry the site is down i will upload as soon as possible here.