Friday, 29 December 2017

Easy Crochet Hat Design

I crocheted things whole of the year to busy myself and give you to share my blog the original design. It’s a new idea to crochet the hat, this hat I crocheted my own daughter she is very excited to get brightly and beautiful hat, I like and share with you. This is an easy way to crocheting hat. Hope you like and appreciate the pattern so much. It is to fit in every pullover and warm your little girl too much. This is super easy and crocheted in a short time. Easy crochet little girl hat perfect for beginner watch the same tutorial how to create idea and learn how to make the flower. This hat looks more beautiful with perfect ribbing. So do not waste your time and try to crochet this simple hat with easy instructions.

Crochet work is my hobby and you will find here the collections of my favorite crocheted patterns from baby crochet pattern to adult with new ideas and durable pattern. here I am telling you about my new patterns of the year like crochet Blankets, hats, cardigan, baby booties etc, in many size and design you see many more  your favorite bright colors and designs.
I always crocheted my new and ideal pattern create with my own instructions in written and same video tutorial, I hope you will enjoy and appreciate the collections of the things, so enjoy and crochet this warm hat to protect your little in the cold season.

Its starting from the ch,s half of the circumference of the head. Mean first you measure of the head circumference and make the ch,s half of the total Then start working as you longer.
I write the easy instructions for those beginners who want to learn the easy way to crochet things for the babies and adult. When you completing the hat you make the ribbing in your own choice or follow the same idea. I instruct about the size in my video.

Need item:
salmon color 1 skein (Dk weight acrylic) 4 ply(16-20 sts =4 inch)
Crochet hook 3.00mm
tapestry needle

Size:  small for 4-6 years

C.            Crochet
Ch.          Chain
dc.          Double crochet
slst.        Slip stitch
st.           stitch
sts.         Stitches
rnd.        Round
Fp.          Front post.
Sp.         Space
skp.        skip
ch-sp,    chain space

Special stitch: 
1.       FP around the dc stitch
2.       Vst.        Double crochet, ch2, double crochet
3.       Long dc( yarn over insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull up ch, yarn over pull through 2 loops, yarn over again and pull through 2 loops.

Round1.         Ch48, dc in 4th ch, dc in each ch across, turn. (46)
Round2.        Ch2(as count), Fp dc in next st, 1 Fp dc in each st across to end, dc in last st, 
                      turn. (46)
Round3.        Ch2(not count),dc in same st, dc in each st across to end, dc in last ch2, turn. 46)
Round4-32.  Repeat (Rnd2 & Rnd3). Fasten off
Sewing.       Pull the long edge tight, use a tapestry needle and piece of yarn, use whip stitch for                              sewing, join and Sew 4 of the stitches in front of both sides.(watch the video)
Work to the same as other side. Fasten off

Make Rib hat.
Round1.     ch2, long dc in same st, long dc in each st around, slst to join.

note. if you making adult size hat and want make rib in other design so follow back post and front post for the ribbing, or going to follow another.

Make Ruffle.
work. ch2, 3dc in same st, 4dc in each st around the band. fasten off

Make flower:
Round1.     Ch4, make 20 dc into 4th ch , slst to join in top of 3rd ch. (20)
change color.
Round2.     Make 1st vst (ch5, dc in same st),*skp next st, vst(dc, ch2, dc) in next st*, repeat 
                  * to *  around, slst to join in 3rd ch of the beginning ch5, slst into ch-sp. (10 vst)
Round3.   into 1st vst ch2-sp make 6dc,6dc around  into next of vst-dc post, slst into skp st of 
                row 2, * 6dc around into next dc post, 6dc into next ch-sp, 6dc around into next 
                dc post, slst into skp st of Row 2*, repeat * to * around, 6dc around into ch3, slst in 
                top of 1st dc. Fasten off 


  1. Beautifully brilliant, just love it and Thank You for sharing. I can hardly wait to make one for my granddaughter. So appreciative, Irene

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