Saturday 7 July 2018

Super Fast Baby Shoes Crochet Design

Welcome friends! Today we made a very simple and easy flap sandals criss cross for little babies These Crochet baby shoes made and share with the same video instruction. That cute and easy footwear both babies girls and boys perfect them in both season spring and summer. Those simple adorable designs work up so quickly and easy. To begin by watching the video on working how to join both soles together. How the flap we join.
These beautiful baby crochet sandals made with the same video. The pattern made in one size for 3-6 months. Those baby crochet shoes will looks beautiful on little feet.try to make for your little ones. Cool and airy for the summer with protection for little toes. We love and share lot of free pattern for whole of the year.

Those baby crocheted criss cross flap sandals for babies their sweet accessory summer time. This beautiful crocheted sandals made for summer to protect babies’ feet, We made many of the baby items from new born to other many sizes, all design easy can be change in other size as you want to make. All my time want to share my new ideas for those who want learn about and share for beginner crocheter want to learning and making things in home for the babies.

We make and give you easy instructions for crochet baby sandals for 3-6 months ‘it can easy to change in other size small or larger. For large size increase some more ch,s, for small size less some of ch,s from this one. Choose any of two colors or one color (light baby DK 100% acrylic) as your choice then try to make this cute baby footwear.
Those adorable baby sandals pattern crocheted for babies all ages. Hope you will be enjoy and also write about, like, share to friends and also share on your facbook page and also pin in your pinterest. Thanks for watching and following my ideas.

Item to be need:
Hot pink color (baby DK double knit Acrylic yarn 4 ply (20 stitches = 4 inches)
Crochet hook size 3.00 mm
Size:   3-6 month’s baby
Gauge:  5 dc x 2 row = 1 inch
Pattern for gauge:  
Length of sole=11cm
Special stitch:
1.       Do stitch marker on the back side
2.       Ch3 as count for double crochet.
3.       Check out the size of the sole before top part working.
4.       Ch1 as count for single crochet

US Terms Abbreviation
c.           crochet
ch.         chain
sc.         single crochet
hdc.       Half double crochet
dc.         double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.          stitch
sts.        stitches
Rnd.      round
Rpt.       Repeat

Start from sole.
Round1.     Ch13, 2dc in 4th ch from the hook, 1dc in each next 8 ch,s, 6dc in last ch,
                    Work in opposite side, 1dc in each next 8 sts, 3dc in last st, slst in top of 3rd ch. (28)
Round2.     Ch3 (as count dc), dc in same st, 2dc in each next 2 sts, 1dc in each next 8 sts,
                    2dc in each next 6 sts group, work in opposite side, 1dc in each next 8 sts, 2dc in
                    each last 3 sts, slst in top of 3rd ch. (40)
Round3.     Ch1, sc in same st, 2sc next st,(2sc,1sc) rpt 2 time in next 4 sts, 1sc in next 3sts,
                    1hdc in next 2 sts, 1dc in next 3 sts, (2dc, 1dc) rpt 6 time in next 12 sts, work in
                    opposite side,1dc in next 3 sts, 1hdc in next 2 sts, 1sc in next 3sts, (2sc, 1sc) rpt 
                    3 time in last 6sts, slst in 1st sc. (52)
 Note:   Make 3 more soles to the same pattern.

Join two soles together:
Sewing:   sew 2 soles together right side facing out, use color B for sewing, do a slst in each st
around the sole. Fasten off

Make back side heel part.
Stitch marker 22 sts for the heel at the slst stitches.
Round1.     Join yarn into st marker sl st,ch1, sc in same st, sc in each next 21 sts across to 
                   next stmarker st, turn. (22)
Round2.     Ch1 (as count), skp 1st st, sc in each st across into next 23 sts, turn. (22)
Round3.      Ch1 (as count), skp 1st st, sc in each st across into next 23 sts, don’t turn.

Make front flap.
Round4.     A the end of row 3 make ch 15, sc in 2nd ch, sc in each ch across, 1sc in each 22 sts
                   at the back side across, turn.
Round 5-8.  Ch1 (as count), skp 1st st, 1sc in each st across into back side, 1sc in each st
                    across into Flap 14 sts, turn. Fasten off

Sew front flap to the sole.
Sewing.  Sew the flap at the cross position on other side front 5 sts, skp 7 sts from heel back side, use tapestry needle and same color yarn and sew the flap at the slst sts into the sloe inside.
(Watch the video)

Make button flap.
Round1.       Ch17, sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sc in each ch across, turn. (16)
Round2-5.    Ch1 (as count), skp 1st st, 1sc in each next 15 sts across, turn. (16)
Fasten off and then Sew the flap at the cross position on other side front 5 sts,, skp 7 sts from the heel then sew the flap into wrong side at 5 sts. Fasten off (watch the video tutorial)

Finishing.  Sew 2 small buttons on other side.

Make the left shoe.
Work to the same as the right shoe, before starting the heel part, do stitch marker at 22 sts,
 and work start from opposite direction for the heel.
for more help watch the video instructions.


  1. Thank you kindly - Any luck for 0-3 months mam Keep well
    Elizabeth South Africa

  2. Thank you for sharing this. How about for the size of 6-12 months, how many chains? Thanks and best regards

    1. chains 16 do for 6-12 months. sole length required 5 inches

  3. Sooo pretty!!😍 I recently found this website and realised I had found an awesome crochet instruction website.
    I am a student and I kinda try to sell the things I make to my friends. You know, a couple of pocketmoney helps.
    But after I finish making them, there are still loose strands of wool coming out, this is one of the major problems I face. I don't even have the sewing needle,so maybe it is because of that?
    Can you please help?
    I am from India by the way.
    Thanks soooooooo much for both video and written tutorials.❤

    1. thank u so much to like and appreciate my work. hide the long tail inside or wrong side of the shoes.

  4. Hey!!! I'm so glad you are offering this pattern. I spent all last evening looking to find this cutie free and gave up. 1st thing this morning and what did I see...this free version!!! Thanks again and I'm so excited to start!!! 😍😍😍😍🐭🐭🐭🐭

  5. If you are making a larger size do you proceed with the same amount of stitches for the top part of the sandal? Like the heel says 22 sts- do the same for 6-12 months?

    1. if you making for 6-12 months do 16 chains. for the heel count 26 stitches.

  6. Thanks. If You making a 4 to 6 month do chains for hell stitches .

    1. the size to fit for 9-12 months. for 4-6 months make chains 13 then follow the same work.

  7. Thank you for the cute pattern and the video tutorial is very helpful. How much yarn will we need to make 1 pair of these sandals?

  8. Well explained. Suppose. I'am using crochet cotton thread, then how many chains to star with.

    1. for the pattern we used dk weight 5 stitches 1 inch. we make 16 chains for 9-12 months. what size gauge of cotton thread????

  9. Thanks for sharing lovely design. Baby's feet are constantly developing and growing. So, crochet baby boots require special care.

  10. Great pattern!!! Are you using light worsted weight yarn dk yarn or 4 ply yarn? Thank you

    1. we used 3ply dk weight acrylic wool gauge of wool is 5 stitches = 1 inch