Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Half Double Crosia Hoodie Sweater

Note: I want to teach you this Hoodie sweater Pattern with Picture tutorial step by step.
          I also explain this in Urdu if any problem contact us.

Ch        chain
Sc         single crochet
Dc        double crochet
Hdc      half double crochet
Sts        stitches
St          stitch
Slst         slip stitch
Rnd       round
post dc  post double crochet

Rnd 1:                   ch 104, at the end slst. Make a circle.
Rnd 2:                   1dc in each st,  around , at the end slst.
Rnd 3-6:               (post dc st)  in each st around, at the end slst.
Rnd 7-8:                ch 2, hdc in each st around, slst.
Rnd 9:                   ch 2, (hdc cluster st) in each st around, sls.
Rnd 10-13:            repeat  Rnd9, around , sls.
Rnd 14:                 ch 2, hdc in each st, around.
Rnd 15-34:           repeat, hdc in each st, around.
Rnd 35:                 skip(6) sts in one side, and 6 sts into the another side. (92).
Rnd 36:                 make the back side (hdc) across (46).
                               (20 rows)
Rnd 37:                 into the front side ch2, hdc, across (46).
                              (5 rows)
Rnd 38:                 into the nack line skip (4 sts) into the center. More (7 rows) hdc,
in each st, across (22).
Rnd 39:                 into the next (8 rows) skip 1 st, in the middle side,hdc, across (22).
Complet the rows in both side.
Rnd 1:                   sew the shoulder front and back side.
Rnd 2:                   into neck corner skip 4 sts.
Rnd 3:                   work , ch2, 1 hdc in each st across.
Rnd 4:                   ch2, repeat Rnd 3 make (27 rows)
Rnd 5:                   sew the top of the Hoodie with yarn needle.
Rnd 6:                   make the eadges  of the hoodie.
Rnd 7:                   into the corner , ch 2, 1hdc in each st, across, at end sls. turn
Rnd 8:                   repeat Rnd 7.ch 2, across (4 rows at the end sls.).
Rnd 1:                   Make foundation dc chain (21).
Rnd 2-6:               post dc into the each st, across. (21)
Rnd 7:                   increase round. Ch 2, 2 hdc in each st, across.(42)
Rnd 8-30:             1 hdc in each st , across. (42)
Cut  the arms sts.
Rnd 31:                 ch 2, skip 1 st, in both side across.
Rnd 32:                 repeat Rnd 31, across. (16 rows)
Rnd 33:                 stitch the sleves into the wrong side,
Rnd 34:                 sew the sleeves to sweater with yarn  needle.
                                So your sweater is complet.