Saturday, 7 March 2015


I making always some hat design for the small babies in my whole family, they always force me to crochet some things for them, when ever i make some things i wants to share you the pattern . it is my starting pattern that i crochet the small hat, i am not a very best designer but i wanted always to make some new pattern and share with you.
this hat for the small new born to 3 months baby. i used a simple stitches in this pattern, you know about the double crochet  and front post double crochet stitches i used  in this hat. first i making the starting band and used a half double crochet stitch into the back loop around, just for information leave the front  loop and work only the back loop, then work around and around, we skip or miss 1 stitch at the end of the row. you make a small pom pom for the hat, and sew on the top.
this is my first attempt this hat, i think it is very easy to make and understand it. if you have face a difficulty to understand the pattern so please share with me in the comments, i will try to help, enjoy and make easy hat for your babies.i hope you like and appreciate the design 

 size:    new born to 3 months

Ch     chain
Sc      single crochet
Dc      double crochet 
Hdc    half double crochet
Sts     stitches
St       stitch
Slst    slip stitch
Rnd   round
fp dc  front post double crochet


Rnd 1.      Ch 60, at the end sls into the beginning chain,make a ring.

Rnd 2.          ch 2, hdc into the back loop into the stitches, around, slst, turn.
Rnd 3-5.      ch 2, hdc into the back loop of the previous hdc sts, around, 
                     at the end slst.


Rnd 6.      ch1,sc in same st, 1sc around, slst.
Rnd 7.      Ch 3, 1 dc in each st around, slst.
Rnd 8.      Ch 3, 3 dc into the first 3 sts, and next 3 sts (front post dc), repeat around,
                  at the end skip1st,slst.
Rnd 9.            Repeat rnd8 around and around, at the end skip 1st, slst.
finishing:   Cut the yarn long tail and used the yarn needle to sew the top opening 
of the hat tight.Make a small pom pom, and then sew onto the top of  the hat. 
fasten off

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