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In real life there are a lot of different colors and different shapes of butterflies, we generally seen fly in our around. Whatever we try to catch this natural beauty and convert into a frame, not difficult catch it or make it, it is extremely straightforward, if you have a crochet skill.

Like many colors and many shapes, the way to make your desire shape will be make little different. I mean that I made here some different colors and different type of butterflies. The technique is also little bit different of each other.

Orange color Butterfly is very simple and easy to make this little one.  It is completed in one row in to the magic ring. Pink color, the following pink one so easy to make it. And third white colors butterfly same to the pink color but little bit difference.  Blue shading butterfly examples is diverse then from every one of the three butterflies in light of the fact that we make a chain for body and afterward we make it the four wings.

Green butterfly is little complicated from the above butterflies but not difficult because in this butterfly we work into a magic ring and make a flower shape and fold into the center.

item need for this pattern is 
small hook 3mm, different color soft yarn.

C.          CROCHET
CH.      CHAIN
ST.        STITCH
Green Butterfly Pattern:

Make a small ring

Rnd 1:      into the small ring (3dc,ch2, 3dc) repeat 8 times.

Rnd 2:      into  the first space(3dc, 3trb, ch2, 3trb, 3dc)

Rnd 3:      2nd space (repeat Rnd 2)

Rnd 4:      into the third space(3hdc,3dc, ch2, 3dc, 3hdc)

Rnd 5:      4th space (repeat Rnd 4)

Rnd 6:      into the 5th  space(3dc, 3trb, ch2, 3trb,3dc)

Rnd 7:      6th space (repeat Rnd 5)

Rnd 8:      into the 7th space(3hdc, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, 3hdc)

Rnd 9:      8th space (repeat Rnd 8)

Fold the wings into the same  level , up and down.

Make a feeler:

Rnd 10:     ch10, 1dc, cluster into the 4th chain from the hook, 1slst in each 6th chain, 
                   slst  into the center make the second feeler into the same way slst into the center.

Work : left side two wings up and down.

Rnd 11:     4sc into the first wing space 1sc in each 6 sts, 3sc into the chain space. 1sc in each
            5sts skip 1st into the up wing and skip one st into the down wing. Sc into the next sts.

Work: right side two wings up  and down.

Rnd 12: repeat Rnd 11.

Work: into the backside four wings into the same front side (repeat Rnd 11).

Orange Butterfly Pattern: 

 Make a magic ring

Rnd 1:     into the magic ring (1sc, 1hdc, 3dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 1hdc, 3trb, 2dc, 1hdc,
                 2sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 3 trb,2dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 1hdc, 3dc, 1hdc, 1sc)

Pull the tail yarn.

Rnd 2:     (ch1, 1sc) in each st across.
Rnd 3:     cut the yarn piece and fold 2 or 3 times into the center of the butterfly, slip knot
                 and leave the feeler.

Blue Butterfly Pattern: 

make a body:

first we make ch10.
rnd1:     1sc in each st across, work into the opposite side ,1sc in each st across.
rnd2:     1slst,skip 2sts,ch2,1slst,repeat 2 into the opposite side,
               (1slst,skip 2sts,ch2,1slst)repeat 2 times.
work into right side :
rnd3:     into the 1st space(1hdc,1dc,2trbi,1dc,1hdc)
               into the 2nd space(1hdc,1dc,3trb)
               into the 3rd space(3 dtr,1trb,1sc)
               1slst into the center.
work into the left side:
               into the 1st space(3dtr,1trb,1sc)
               into the 2nd space(3trb,1dc,1hdc,)
               into the 3rd space(1hdc,1dc,2trb,1dc,1hdc)
make a feeler:
make ch8 ,1slst in each st,make again ch8,1slst in each st across.

Pink Butterfly Pattern:

Make ch 4, slst.

Rnd 1:     into the circle( ch6, 1sc, ch6, 1sc, ch10, 1sc, ch10, 1sc)
Rnd 2:     into the small wing space(1sc, 4hdc, 5dc, 4hdc, 1sc)
Rnd 3:     into the 2nd  small wing space(repeat Rnd2)
Rnd 4:     into the big wing space(1sc, 1hdc, 4dc, 5trb, 4dc, 1hdc, 1sc)
Rnd 5:     into the 2nd big wing space(repeat Rnd 4)

Make a feeler:
make ch10 ,1slst in each st,make again ch10,1slst in each st across.

WhiteButterfly Pattern:

Make a magic ring

Rnd 1:     (ch10, 1sc, ch10, 1sc, ch7, 1sc, ch7) into the magic ring
Rnd 2:     into the big wing space ch10(2sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 2trb, 1dtr, 
                 ch2, 1dtr, 2trb, 2dc, 2hdc, 2sc)
Rnd 3:     into the 2nd big wing space( repeat Rnd 2)
Rnd 4:     into the small wing space ch7(1sc, 10dc, 1sc)
Rnd 5:     into the 2nd small wing space(repeat Rnd 4)

Make the feeler:
Rnd 6:     ch10, slst into the forth ch, slst in each st.
Rnd 7:      repeat Rnd 6. slst 

cut the yarn. weave in end


  1. As Salam Alaikum Sister,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! If you have an Adult pattern for your prayer hat I would love to have a copy? I have been looking here in the USA for years and still don't have one so I can make them for my Masjid.
    Again, thank you for you generosity.
    Wa Alaikum as Salam...Sister Kareema(Karen)

    1. Dear Sister!
      only send email address i will send as you want.
      my email address is