Friday, 7 August 2015


I made This Purse particularly for my best friend to give as a blessing in light of the fact that gift to a friend make more love to one another. Gift never forget you in a friend heart. I feel that you are additionally my companions I give the Purse to my friend however the example is offer to you individuals. So I need to clarify minimal more about the example. I made it this handbag gradually in light of the fact that it require a considerable measure of work and time. First I shared the photo of purse in GOOGLE PLUS where the reaction was well then I consider offer the example too.

To start with you have to make a bits of hexagon then you have to sew it unmistakably with a needle. . Lot of people make this through a crosia hook but here I like the sew so I sewed it. My friend like ordinary satchel yet in the event that you need more lovely handbag them make heart favorite butterfly, flower or other crochet plan for this Purse.This is my free tutorial.

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm
US Terms

c.            Crochet
ch.          Chain
sc           Single crochet
dc.          Double crochet
sts.          Stitches
st.           Stitch
slst         Slip stitch

Things do you need
v  Two color any yarn

v  Crochet needle for sewing
v  Beautiful buttons  and  four rings
Make 30 hexagon pieces.
I want to show you the hexagon pattern below:

Hexagon Pattern:
Row 1:
First I make a magic ring.
Row 2:
Into the magic ring (2dc, ch1, 2dc) repeat total 6 times.
Row 3:
ch3, 1dc into the next 2sts, into the corner (2dc, ch2, 2dc).
Row 4:
ch3, 1dc into the next 3sts, into the corner (2dc, ch2, 2dc).
Row 5:
1sc in each st all the cross. Slst.
Purse pattern:
Rnd 1:
Lay out hexagon pieces for sewing.
Rnd 2:
Sewing the pieces into the wrong side together with the help of crochet needle into the back loops only.
Rnd 3:
First sew all the horizontal side together and then sew the vertical sides together.
Rnd 4:
To sew all the pieces into the same way and then to join the two sides together and left the gape for opening.
Rnd 5:
Work a crochet border: to start in one of the side of bag into the front loop only.
Rnd 6:
work 1dc all the sts, into the same way to making a hexagon. Into the middle of the two pieces work (1dc   3 together) 1dc into the right, 1dc into the middle and 1dc into the left side together. Work cross around the bag.
Rnd 7:
Repeat 1 more time.
Rnd 8:
For the lining work 1dc into the inside of the bag and use the behind sts back loops only one time. To short one of the side into the back loop only. Work (1dc all sts to the same way I making the border.
Make a line :
Use any cotton fabric for the lining
Lining pattern:
Rnd 1:
Fold in two fabric lining. Put the bag on the top of it.
Rnd 2:
Cut the fabric around it and, leave the little gape for sewing.
Rnd 3:
Cut two pieces of batting into the same way of the lining fabric.
Rnd 4:
Put the bating to the outside and put the lining fabric in side. Sew the side together and leave the top open. Turn the line outside.
Rnd 5:
Put the lining inside the bag and sew the top opening inside together, sew the line and inside double crochet row with the help of thread needle. fasten off
Bag is ready for sewing the handle and put the button for safety.
Rnd 6:
Make four rings 1 strap for button and 2 handle. On the off chance that you need to utilize a ready made rings and handle, no compelling reason to crocheted them.
Make a handle:
Rnd 1:
make a slip knot and left the yarn tail for joining work a half double foundation. Ch3 and make 8sts. Turn.
Rnd 2:
Slst into the first stitch to join and half dc in each stitch across. To join into the 1 hdc, with a slst.
Rnd 3:
1hdc, round and round all the cross. Continue your work, a length as you want.

Finishing Round:

First to join the 4 rings on the 4 corners of the bag opening side and sew the handle inside the ring, then sew the strap and button.

So, enjoy your beautiful bag.