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Step by Step Baby Crochet Sandal

I love to making children things in different colors, like crochet baby blanket, crochet hats and many other things with different shapes and different varieties. My heart dependably to do just for kids and for children. The second things is that you will spare the time in light of the fact that its need tad bit time furthermore you will make the most of your pastime with simple path with ease. In the other hand for instance greater individual sweater require a ton of time and parcel of expense.
This is my newly project. I make a baby sandal through crochet technique.  To know crochet lives up to expectations it’s simple for them and for those that they are learners or in a center stage, they have to comprehend my crochet method. I attempted to make it simple for you. I clarify through pictures regulated and characterize the example too. It’s simple on the off chance that you attempt to pick it. On the off chance that you confront any issue or trouble, ask me at whatever time I will here for more help.

I explain that i have made first the sole section, and then work in the above; this is all the crochet work that is easy to understand. I made a step by step picture for those who is new and want to learn and making the 
baby sandals. some friends asking me about the other sizes, i will tried to show you some new and other sizes in my next project made a heart and a crochet button also, the heart stitch pattern i already show in my heart and lace pattern. If you want to learn a button pattern, i will help. So, don't forget my other designs. All my designed s is very easy to understand and help you to learn some new and different things for your babies. All these in my own designs, I have no book and other help, so please! If I forget something in my pattern, you share me I will try to help. In the blog you will find more beautiful flower designs and other baby items you see them i hope you like and appreciate. 
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crochet baby sandal

 Need item:
Two different color yarn DK 4 ply
Crochet needle

size:      small:   0 to 3 months

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
C.          crochet
ch.         chain
dc.         double crochet
hdc.       half double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.         stitch
trb.      treble crochet
sts.       stitches
sc.        single crochet
Pattern by Pic:




First make chain 13.

Round 1.
2hdc into the 3rd ch from the hook, 1hdc into next 6sts, 1dc into 3sts, 5dc into last st.
Into the opposite side: 1dc into the 3sts, 1hdc into next 6sts, 2hdc into the last st, slst.
Round 2.
Ch2 ,2hdc into 2sts, 1hdc into next 6sts, 1dc into 3sts, 2dc into the 5sts.
Into the opposite side:  1dc into 3sts, 1hdc into 6sts, 2hdc into last 2sts, slst.
Round 3.
Ch1, 2sc into 1st st, 1sc next st, 2sc next st ,1sc next 7sts, 1hdc into 3sts, into the 
10dc sts (2hdc, 1hdc, 5 time).
Into the opposite side: 1hdc into 3sts, 1sc into next 7sts, into last 4sts
(2sc, 1sc, 2 times), slst.
Round 4.
Ch1, 2sc into the 1st st, 1sc into next 2sts, 2sc into next st, 1sc into next 11sts,
into the 15 sts(2sc into 1st, 1sc into next 2sts, 5 times).
Into the opposite side: 1sc into 11sts, into the last 4sts,2sc into 1 st, 1sc into 2sts, and last st 2sc, slst.
Pin the sole with a stitch marker like this(see the pic).

Round 5.
Make front Flap:
Start into one side, work 1hdc into 8sts, only back loop, turn.
Ch 1, 1hdc into 8sts only back loop across. Make total 10 rows.
Round 6.
When you complete 10 rows, sew into the another side of the sole,  use only
 sc in each st.
Round 7.
Work into the back side of the sole.
Ch1, 1hdc in each st only the back loop across into the another side st marker place, turn.
Ch1, 1hdc in each st across, make 4 rows. Make ch 18 for the button strap, turn, 1hdc in each st across, when row 5 is complete , turn.
Row 6, 1hdc in  each st across. fasten off

Make crochet two buttons and hearts, put into the sandal and sew with a crochet needle.  

Button pattern:

Rnd1:   make a magic ring.

Rnd2:   ch3 (as count a dc), 11 dc into the magic ring, slst in top of ch3.

Finishing:   take a crochet needle; insert the yarn into the crochet needle,

Knot the yarn in two strands; insert the needle in a stitch wrong side out in

Front, insert the needle into the middle of the button out in wrong side,

Skip a stitch, again insert the needle out in front, and insert into the middle

Of the button, repeat more (4 times). Weave in end in wrong side. Fasten off

Heart pattern:

Rnd 1:             make a magic ring. (see the video tutorial)

Rnd 2:             ch 3(3 trb, 3dc, I trb, 3 dc, 3 trb, and the end ch3) into the 
                        magic ring,slst in the base.

Rnd 3:             pull the yarn tight. Fasten off
 see the pattern:

 Chain and Heart Pattern 

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  1. What size is the sandal? Can you adjust for different sizes?

  2. it's fit to 0-3 months.what size do you want.

  3. How do I adjust pattern for 3-6 months and crochet cotton thread?

    1. Anonymous ! sorry to say that i have no idea to crocheting cotton thread. i always use to crochet yarn.

    2. Lovely and fun. Thank you for sharing.

  4. My first attempt with this I got a pair about a size for a three year old so I am guessing my hook was to big but darling anyway

    1. you should use the hook size to mach the yarn.

  5. Hello from belgium! I like your work... This sandle so cute. Thanks for sharing! Have a good week ;)

  6. These are supper cute but can you help me adjust to maybe a size 18-24 months please or can I just use a bigger needle and thicker yarn?

  7. thanks you ! try to make the sole in a large size and use 4mm crochet hook and worsted yarn.after round 4 you need more increase round.when your sole fit for your desire size then make work in the upper part. for more help write it here


  9. can this be adjusted to make a 12 mo old?

    1. yes! why not, if you can do it.make the sole in little large size,and then make the top part.

  10. I am new to crocheting can you explain the second part of round 1 into the opposite side

    1. most welcome!when you worked 5 double crochet into last stitch, don't turn work, continue work into the opposite side or into the chains then you worked before.

    2. I am a little confused about the end of round 3. what does 10dc, sts,(2hdc, 1hdc, 5 times) mean?

    3. when you working in the sole, these mean to increase the stitches in the front, you make 1half double and 2 half double crochet into next stitch (work 5 times) into the 10 stitches into front stitches.i think you understand it.

    4. you are welcome.


    5. so are you saying the next st i should make 3 half double crochet in the next st? and also what does (work 5 times) into the 10 sts I am very new to crocheting i have basically been teaching myself from the internet please help because my sole doesn't look right.

    6. ok! you have to divide the 10 stitches in 5 groups, 2 stitches in each should work in each group mean 2 stitches,(2 half double crochet in 1 stitch, 1 half double crochet in next stitch.i think your work come out.

  11. thank you very much it looks much better.

    1. its ok! any problem then share.

    2. leave the front loop and work into back loop. see the picture of 7 you easily understand it.

  12. Hi...i love the little sorry but im learning to crochet and don't see the patterns for ghe buttons and heart. Could you please guide md into how to make them. Thank you.

  13. thanks to like! you see the heart and lace pattern,their you will find the heart pattern. the button pattern i add in my post in the above pattern.

    please check this cool bracelet

  15. I don't see a button hole in the strap, is the button just for show and the button and strap sewed to the sandal Please let me know so I can finish these I just love them I am new to crocheting

  16. yes this button is only for design, i sow touch button on them.

  17. love all your stuff .instructions are you do them in English.Jean Fox thanks

  18. Can you tell me how to make them for a 1 yr. Old

  19. Hi I was wondering if you ever made a tutorial on this pattern?

    1. Was wondering can pattern be printed out somewhere