Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tulip Crochet Flower

Valentine day is a day of flowers, smiles and chocolates. As love is related to smile, beauty and flowers. It’s a day to spread the love all over in the air. And of corse, when we speak about love, the first thing come in my mind is flower, beautiful red roses. I don’t know why, and from when a red rose is the symbol of love, but in fact it is!!! That’s what all we know. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the globe, and is called the day of love. As for as, love is concern, we are concerned too J coz love and us both are concerned to flowers. Why we decide to do so is coz we don’t want to leave you alone, we want to cheer and celebrate with you in the beautiful and smiling occasions. So here we will show you how to present a beautiful handmade craft to your valentine. I am very sure that these antique flowers will amazed your valentine, and will shine your valentine’s day. Moreover it will show your feeling and love with effectiveness and perfection.

I only want to celebrate valentine day with you and share my feeling through crochet skill. I made some different type of flowers in different colors. All these flowers I made in different design. But due to shortage of time I am in position to posted only one flower pattern at the movement. I will share remain patterns after some time. I also made the leaves, some are large size and some are small. I posted one large leaf pattern. If you want make small size leaf then only less the chain. 

I think you like the gift of valentine day.  it is a good and beautiful gift for my friends and viewers.  I am sure you will return me happy valentine day.

Item to be need:
Two color (white, pink, yellow) worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet needle
soft wire
Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.         crochet
ch.       Chain
sc         single crochet
hdc      half double crochet
dc.       Double crochet
sts.       Stitches
st.        stitch
slst.     Slip stitch

Flowers Patterns:

Green Leaf and Pink Flower:

Row 1:     10sc into the magic ring. (10)
Row 2:     2sc in each st across. (20)
Row 3-6: 1sc in each st around. (20)

Row 7:     1sc into 4sts, ch3, 1sc into next 4sts around. (5 times)
Row 8:     5dc into the ch space, skip a st, 1sc into next 2sts, skip a st, 
                5dc into next ch space, around. (5 times)
Row 9:     sc into the top of the 5dc, slst into the top of the next sc, around. 

Fasten off::

Make a leaf:
Row 1:     make ch21, 1sc into 2nd ch, 1sc into next 4ch, hdc into next 10ch, 
               1dc into next 4ch, 9dc into last ch.
Work into the opposite side to the same, (4dc, 10hdc, 5sc).
Row 2:     1sc into the 23sts, 2sc into the top of the leaf, 1sc into the 
                 opposite side, cute the yarn into the 10cm long for sewing.
yellow ball   (ch3, slst, 1sc into 3sts around and around)

First of all decorate the folding wire with green color yarn then put the flower on the top of the wire, then secure the small yellow ball on it. With help of sewing needle more secure the leaf around in the middle of the wire.

all my viewers, all my friends Happy Valentine day.


  1. can you post the other ones? I would like to make them for Easter for my family.