Friday, 5 February 2016

Crochet Booties Pattern

In these days I am very busy for my home working because of winter holidays .my children came back to home. When I was making the cardigan I also made the booties to the same, but I was not well to post and write the pattern of booties. The position is same to my past but I spare some time for my hobby and know I am going to post for my friends.

Today I made the next one for my aunt choice; she sent the two color of yarn to making the large size booties for the baby. She also like the cardigan and the other things, I excused making the next things accept the booties. I like the both of colors very much. It’s looking very beautiful, the contrast colors also mach to each other. Both of the booties I made for the boys, if you want to make the girl so you have change the edges of the finishing.

Instructions:  I made the two pairs of booties into 2 sizes; I made it into the same pattern of the cardigan. I already explain about the pattern in the previous post of cardigan. I used the same color of the cardigan into the small size booties and I made the other one in two colors white and pink, both of color yarn into the same weight. It’s very easy to making.

you see other booties design(click below link)

crochet booties free pattern with video

Item to be need:
Two color (white, pink), (grapes color) worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet needle
Special st:   double crochet, next slip stitch in one round, hdc into the second round.

Size o to 6 monthes and 6 to 12.

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.         crochet
ch.       Chain
sc         single crochet
hdc      half double crochet
dc.       Double crochet
sts.       Stitches
st.        stitch
slst.      Slip stitch
hdctog        half double crochet two together
dctog          double crochet two together
Bl.        Back loop


To start in the chain 10 (13)
Row 1:         1hdc into the 2nd chain from the hook, 2hdc into the same, hdc 
                     7(10), make 5 hdc into the last chain,

Work into the opposite side, hdc 7(10), make 3hdc into the last one. Join the
 round with slst. 24(30) sts.

Row 2:             ch1, start in the same stitch. Make 2hdc into next 2. Hdc7(10),
                         make 2hdc into next 5sts.

Work into the opposite side, hdc into next 7(10). Make 2hdc into last 3 stitches. 
Join the round with slst. 34(40) sts.

Row 3:             ch1, start in the same stitch repeat (2 hdc into the same st, 1hdc 
                         into the next one) two times. hdc into next 7(10). Repeat (2hdc 
                         into the same st, 1hdc into the next one)  repeat 5 times.
Work into the opposite side, hdc into next 7(10). Repeat (2hdc into the same 
st,1hdc into the next one)repeat 3 times. Join the round with slst. 44(50)

Upper part of the Booties:

Row 1:             to start in the middle of the sole. Ch1,bl hdc all the way 
                        around. 44(50) sts. Don’t turn.
Row 2:             ch1, sc into the same st. sc into next 43(49) sts. Join the 
                         round with slst. 44(50) sts. Don’t turn.
Row 3:             ch1, sc into the same st. sc into next 10(13). Repeat 
                         (hdc2 tog, hdc into next 2) 5 times,hdc2tog into the next, sc 
                         11(14). Join the round with slst,Don’t turn. 38(44) sts.
Row 4:             ch1, sc into the same s, sc into next 11(14), Hdc1, hdc2tog,
                         dc2tog into next (5 times), Hdc2tog,Hdc into the next one, Sc
                         into next 12(15), Join the round with slst.Don’t turn 32(38) sts.
Row 5:             ch1, sc into the same st. sc into next 10(11).hdc2tog.repeat 
                         dc2tog 5 times. Hdc2tog. Sc 11(12). Join the round with slst. 
                         Don’t turn.27 (31) sts.
Row 6:             ch1, hdc into the same stitch, hdc into the next 26 (30). 
                         Join the round with the slst. 27(31) sts, turn.

Pattern row:
Row 7:             ch1, slst into the base of the ch1, 1dc in next st, slst in next st.
                         repeat (dc, slst) around. 26(30) sts. Turn
Row 8:             ch1, 1hdc in each st around, turn. 26 (30) sts.
Row 9:             ch1, slst into the base of the ch1, 1dc in next st, slst in next
                         st. repeat (dc, slst) around, turn. 26(30) sts.
Row 10:           ch1, 1hdc in each st around. 26(30) sts.
change color white:
 Row 11:            ch1, sc reverse in each st. slst. Weave in end.

Fasten off.

Finishing :   Make the edges of the sole too, sc reverse around  the sole into both pair of booties.

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  1. I get to Row 4 in the Upper part of the Booties and it just doesn't translate correctly. Something is missing after the first 11 sc. I don't know what hdc2tog.dc2tog into next 4 means. That is maybe where we need to do more of those before the Hdc2tog,Hdc into the next one. Or do we repeat that more times? It just doesn't work out to enough sts to complete the Row.

    1. before starting the pattern you see about the abbreviations,dctog into next 4 mean (4 times)

  2. How do you gage the pattern for 8 yr old? -and adult

    1. its too much difficult. Cause i never did it, except child/baby

  3. Why is there no print friendly version?

  4. Has anyone completed this in the smaller version? I can't get row 5 to work in the upper part of the bootie. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong or if the numbers maybe just don't work

    1. I'm stuck at row 5 as well, the numbers don't make sense to me, i am running out of stitches before reaching the end of the row...

    2. it worked out for me if i changed the dc2tog from 5x to 3x!