Wednesday 2 September 2015

Crochet Baby Dress

This is my first attempt the baby frock, this is for the 3 months baby girl frock/dress. its very easy pattern not very difficult.  it is very simple and easy to understand. Some time when i crocheted things for my own relatives so, I always want to share my friends also, this is very perfect item for yours babies. And also you gifted to others.
You have to need some different colors yarn for this bay girl frock, and a crochet hook to fit in the yarn gauge. I used worsted 4 ply yarns to fit gauge for this.
I need to share and clarify some about sweater that oftenly when we attempt to make a sweater then first we make upper piece of sweater independently or we make the neck line with a square shape, and increasing the stitches step by step.

Instructions: I made the neck line and arms in square shape together. The method for this example is simple. Here you have to make neck line and arms inside of one piece. You have not confronted trouble to making a neck line part. No doubt you will make easily. After that you have to begin underneath some piece of sweater, on the off chance that you need to make the dress open shape then make isolate the lines in front side. In the event that you need to make join, so proceed with your works. When you completed the top part starting work into the skirt.
I adjusted a new stitch in this pattern; I think you have easy to understand my new creation. I made some picture for easy to learn the stitch and the step by step instruction help you to easy the pattern and follow.
If you want a large size then from start increase the chain as a desire level, so you will easy to come out your desire sweater in fit gauge. I hope you understand my instructions and hope you will do this. If you need some help so please share on the comments I will try to help. you also like the related pattern   

Need item:
Two different color yarn worsted yarn 4 ply(16-20 sts =4 inch)
Crochet needle
Beautiful buttons

Gauge:   (16- 20 stitches = 4 inches
Special stitch: (ch3, 3dc into same stitch)

size 3 months baby
Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms

c.           crochet
ch.         chain
dc.         double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.          stitch
sts.        stitches
rnd.       round
sc.          single crochet
inc.         increase

Main color:  green worsted yarn 4 ply
2nd color:     Pink worsted yarn 4 ply


First we make a neck line:
Rnd 1:     ch 63,1dc in 4th ch, 1dc in each st across, turn. (60)

Note:    divide the sts of the dc in 5 parts, with the help of st marker (see pic).(10+10+20+10+10)

Rnd 2:     1dc into 9sts, increase (3dc) only the st marker place, 1dc into next sts, increase (3dc) in st   marker place, repeat (1dc in each st, inc 3dc in st marker place) across, turn.

Rnd 3-10:    1dc into 10sts,[ increase (3dc)into the middle st in the previous increasing 3dc group,
                   1dc into next sts], repeat across, turn. (See the pic)


When we completed all the rounds its look like this.(see the pic)

 We don’t work into the arm part; first we join the front side to the back side, like this, (see the pic)

Rnd 11:    ch3, 1dc in each st across, leave the arm part sts,1dc into the back side across,
                leave the 2nd arm part sts, 1dc into remaining sts, slst to join in the front.

Rnd 12:   ch3, 1dc in each st across, slst to join in top of ch3.

Make a pattern:
2nd color:
Rnd 13:     join a new color with a slip knot. Work: ch4,3dc into same st, skip a st,1sc into the
                  Next st, repeat (ch3, 3dc in same st, skip a st, 1sc,) across, slst to join.

Change  Main color:
Rnd 14:     slst into 1st ch, ch1, 1sc, ch3 and 3dc into same st, 1sc into next ch-space . repeat
                (ch3,3dc in same st,1sc in next ch-space) across, slst to join.

Rnd 15-24: repeat round (14), continue work as you want to long the skirt. Fasten off

Finishing: Make a button space, use a sc work into the space, turn and make 1 more row.
put three buttons on it.

Make the neck edge:
work:    join 2nd color pink, ch1, sc , into the sc space(ch3, 2 dc in same sp), skip next
            2 sts,sc in next st, 3dc into the space, repeat around the neck edge to the end.    

Get the pattern


  1. I need a pattern for a newborn to three month

    1. I made this sweater for 3 months baby. If you want a large size then from start increase the chain as a desire level, so You will make your sweater in fit gauge.

  2. Hello I am working on you baby dress and hope you can answer A question the pattern states to decide the stitches then increase 3 DC in 10th st. Then on the next row it says increase in the 3rd increased stitches with 3 increases, but is it supposed to be the middle increased st? Thank you so much

    1. when we working in increase, we increase only the middle st of the increasing (3dc group),1 dc into each st in the next sts to the the increasing 3dc group.
      if you need more help so, please share.

  3. hola , me gustaria hacer el gorro y los patucos, podrias por favor mandarme el patron? gracias. mi correo es

  4. perdón, ya lo he encontrado, vracias