Tuesday, 8 September 2015


size 3months baby

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.5mm

US Terms

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
Rnd = round
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
st = stitch
sts = stitches


Rnd 1:        make a circle. Ch 3, 12 dc in circle. Join to first dc with 
                 a slst. (12 dc). 
Rnd 2:        Ch 3,dc in same st,2dc in each stitch around, join with 
                 slst to first dc in round. (24 dc).
Rnd 3:        Ch 3(as count), 2dc in next st, repeats [(dc, 2dc in next 
                 st)] around, Join with slst to first dc in round. (36 dc).
Rnd 4:        Ch 3(as count),1dc in next st, 2dc in next st, repeat [(1dc 
                 in 2 sts,2dc in next st)] around, join with slst to 
                 first dc in round. (48 dc).

change the color:

Rnd 5:       ch4,3dc into the same st, skip 2sts,1sc into the next
                st,repeat[(ch3,3dc into same  st, skip 2sts, 1sc)] around.

Rnd 6-10:    slst into ch,ch1,1sc(ch3,3dc into the same st,1sc into
                  next ch3 space) around.join with slst.

Rnd 11:      slst into the ch, (3dc into the 3dc sts, ch3, 3dc into dc 
                 sts) around.slst.

Rnd 12:       1dc into 5sts and next 2dc. around.
Rnd 13:       1dc into 6sts and next 2dc. around.Fasten off

Finishing:   cut the yarn into length and decorate the edges of the hat with yarn needle.


First make chain 13.

Rnd 1:       2hdc into the 3rd ch from the hook, 1hdc into next 6sts,
1dc into 3sts, 4dc into last st,slst.
Into the opposite side: 1dc into the 3sts, 1hdc into next
6sts, 2hdc into the last st, slst.

Rnd 2:       Ch2 ,2hdc into 2sts, 1hdc into next 6sts, 1dc into 3sts, 
2dc into the 4sts.
Into the opposite side:  1dc into 3sts, 1hdc into 6sts, 
2hdc into last 2sts, slst.
Rnd 3:       ch1, 2sc into 4sts, 1sc into the next 9sts, 2hdc  into 
                the 8sts.
                Into the opposite side:  1sc into the 9sts, 2sc into the 
last 4sts, slst (50 sts)
Rnd 4:       slst in each st across, slst(50 sts).
Rnd 5:       ch2, 1hdc into the entire st, across, slst(50 sts).
Rnd 6:       ch2, 1dc in each st across, slst(50 sts).

Rnd 7:       ch2, 1dc into 15sts,(dc to together 10 times),1dc into the
last 15sts,slst.
Rnd 8:       ch1, 1sc into  15sts, (sc to together five times), 1sc into
the last 15 sts,slst.

Rnd 9:       1sc  in each st across and make a small strap for buttons.

Finishing:   make a beautiful small flower and buttons, stitch on the booties and decorate the edges of sole with your own choice.