Monday, 9 February 2015

Crochet Chain and Heart Pattern tutorial

Special Note:

I teach you to make easy heart and simple chain. where you want to use it

c     = crochet
ch   = chain
dc   = double crochet
trb  = treble crochet
rnd  = round
slst = slip stitch
st   = stitch
sts  = stitches

Hearts pattern

Rnd 1:   make a magic ring.
Rnd 2:   ch 3(3 tribal , 3dc , I tribal, 3 dc, 3 tribal  and the end ch3) into the magic ring, sls.
Rnd 3:   pull the yarn tight and u make a small heart

Chain Pattern

Rnd 1:                   cut the 4 pieces yarn equally (10 CM).
Rnd 2:                   roll the 2 pieces in one side and another 2 pieces in the same.
Rnd 3:                   join the 4 pieces  and roll in the opposite side .

Enjoy  you make a heart and chain

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