Friday, 20 February 2015

Popcorn Stitch Hat:

bobble Stitch Pattern


Ch:  chain
Dc:  double  crosia
Hdc:  half  double crosia
Sts:  stitches
Sls:  slip stitch
Skp:  skip
Rnd:  round


Rnd1:           ch4, sls to join and make a ring.
Rnd2:          ch3 as count,11dc into the ring, sls.(12)
Rnd3:          ch3 as count, 2dc in each st, around, sls. (24)
Rnd4:          ch3 as count, 2dc into the next st , 1dc into the next st, 
                     repeat(1dc, 2dc) around, sls. (36)
Rnd5:          ch3 as count, 1dc into the next st,2dc into the next st
                     repeat(1dc into 2sts, 2dc in next) around, sls. (48)
Rnd6:          ch3 as count, 1dc into next 2sts, 2dc into next st,repeat
                     (1dc into 3sts, 2dc in next) around, sls. (60)
Rnd7:          ch3 as count,1dc into the next3sts, 2dc into the next st
                     repeat(1dc into 4sts, 2dc in next) around, sls.(72)
pattern rounds:

Rnd8:         ch2, hdc into the 2sts and the next st popcorn.skp 1 st 
                    and the next 2sts hdc, next st popcorn.repeat this
                    Around, at the end, sls.                                  
Rnd9 -16:  ch2, hdc into the2sts, and the next st, popcorn.skp 1st, 
                    1hdc into the next st, and the another hdc
                    Into the top of the previous row puff.

                   Repeat this around and around

Rnd17-22:  ch2, 1hdc into the Sts around, sls.

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