Friday, 26 August 2016

Easy Puffy Colorful Purse

I crocheted a new purse with a little different to others my previous purse designs and want to your life is full of colors. I used different colors to match and made an easy puffy purse/bag. all These different colors yarn i am not buying new for this purse, but I have an extra in my yarn basket, I always think about where and how I should use my extra some yarn so, I think in my mind that this idea is perfect to make a crochet small size pure for my own uses .I want to share you this idea how and where use the extra yarn for your regular using in make anther things like crochet hats, crochet dresses, crochet tote, and

Before starting my project I was wondering how to add these yarn in my crocheted small purse, before starting I guess some pattern, I think this idea is perfect match for this purse/ bag.

Instructions: the pure I making in around, before starting make a foundation chain. And then work in it around both of the side in the foundation chain; mean working also into the opposite side. The pattern calls for the double crochet stitch. (3 double crochet) means, crochet 3 double crochet into same stitch. Skip or miss some stitches into the middle of the 3 double crochet groups.

You should always sew the lining inside the purse, cause of! It is to protect the yarn inside and your things also safe. I have no need the zipper for my purse but I wanted to give you the simple idea, how to sew the zipper to the lining. there are a lot of ideas inside the internet, I am not a perfect in the sewing work but  Some time we want and like the work in my own hand so, it is a very simple idea specially I used always for my purse as I want to sewing the lining inside. I made some picture for the guidance, I think you like it. you also find my other handmade crochet bag

on this blog.

Item to be need:
Different colors:  Medium Weight worsted yarn 4ply
Main color: peach color Medium Weight worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet Hook 3 mm size
Crochet needle
Lining Fabric

Special stitch:  3 double crochet in same stitch.
size:   medium
Gauge:  Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Width=10 inches x length= 8inches
Handle length= 20 inches
Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.          crochet
ch.        chain
sc         single crochet
dc.       double crochet
sts.       stitches
sp        space
st.         stitch 
slst          slip stitch


Rnd1:        ch-39, 1dc in 4th ch, 1dc in each st across, 6dc in last ch, Work in 

                 opposite side, 1dc in each st across, 6dc in last st, slst to 

                 join in top. (82 sts)

Rnd2-5:    ch3, 1dc in each st around, slst to join in top. (82)

Start the pattern round:

Change next color:

Rnd6:    ch3 (as count), 2dc in same st, skip 2 sts, 3dc in next st, repeat

             (3dc in same st, skip 2 sts) around, slst to join in top, slst in next 2 sts, 

             switch the color.

Change the main color:
Rnd7-18:   join yarn in middle sp of the 3dc group, ch3, 2dc in same sp, skip 
                  next 3dc group, make 3dc in next middle sp, repeat (3dc in each sp) 
                 around, slst to join in top, slst in next 2 sts, switch the color.
Rnd19-21:    ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around, slst to join. Fasten off.

Make the handle:
Divide the stitches in front and back, stitch marker (6 sts) in both of the corner,
 leave (35 sts) into the center both of the  front and back.

Rnd1:       join any color yarn into the stitch marker place, ch1, sc in same st, sc in
                next 5 sts, ch1, turn. (6sc)
Rnd2-86: ch1, sc in same st, sc in next 5 sts, across, turn.

Finishing:     make total 86 rounds, if you want to make larger the handle, then repeat the same pattern and make some more rows then join.with a slst joining it into 2nd side of the purse in 6 sts. Fasten off

Make zipper and lining:

Use any color cotton fabric and matching zipper.
First we sew the zipper to the lining: work! use the sewing machine for the sewing, 

into the wrong side of the zip and the top right side of the lining, sew it together, and then sew the top other right side of the lining sew into the other side of the zipper facing in wrong side, when you completed the top sewing, open the zip and leave in center, sew the sides and bottom at once, start sewing in one side , then the bottom to the end of the other side , finish work, and over luck the sides in the over luck machine. The lining is ready for sewing inside the purse/bag.

Put the lining inside the purse right side facing you, pin it the lining to the pure around, as you want to sewing in the correct place. Work: with a thread needle and same color thread, start sewing in one corner to the end, sew it same into the machine stitching. 

Fasten off 


  1. cantik..terima kasih sudah berbagi

  2. Is there a video please? I don't quite understand the language.

    1. no but i will try to make a video,wait for some time. thank u

  3. This pattern is not very well written. As a person that gives crochet lessons a beginner would not be able to make this.
    Even crocheters that consider herself a moderate crocheter
    Could have a difficult time understanding.
    I can make this one witout a pattern because I have been crocheting for over 30 years.
    Maybe ask for assistance from someone that speaks fluently in english to help you rewrite it.
    Just a thought.