Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Baby Barefoot Sandals Crochet Daisy Flower fast and easy to make

Welcome friends! Today we are going to share a new and stylish crochet Baby barefoot sandal Shoes baby .this shoes crocheted for babies 0-3 months. This adorable crochet sandals made in new and modern style for summer season to protect babies’ feet from chilly. We made many of the baby sandals and booties, slipper design for new born to other many sizes only share with you. The pattern we created share my new ideas for those who want to learn and share for those beginner crocheter who want to learning and making things in home for the babies. you can change easily the Baby Crochet pattern in all sizes as you want to make for baby.

Crochet Baby Bolero Jacket Free Pattern

These beautiful baby crocheted booties slipper are such fun to make with the same video tutorial. These pairs baby beaded crochet shoes will looks beautiful on little feet and make more stylish her personality. Try to make for the little ones. We love and share free pattern whole of the years.

We provide you easy instructions for crochet Baby barefoot sandals only for 0-3 months’ but you can easily to change pattern for more sizes you want to make, choose any of colour light Baby DK 100% acrylic) with 3.5 mm hook and use some of plastic Beads for these baby pattern; you also choose other colours for this pattern. I think every colour is perfect match for these small items.

These beautiful and easy baby foot wear pattern crocheted for the small and cute babies. Hope you will be enjoy this pattern so, please write about me, like, share to friends and also share on your Facebook page. Thanks for watching

If you have any problem to understand the pattern, so, please share with me at the comment, I will help as soon as possible. For more help watch the video tutorial. Follow my YouTube channel for more beautiful crochet tutorial

For more help watch the video instructions.

Item to be need:

Two colour 

Color A.    Red acrylic medium weight/worsted weight 3ply (6 hdc x3 Rows = 1 inch)

Color B.   half white acrylic  medium weight/worsted weight 3ply(6 hdc x 3 Row = 1 inch)

Crochet hook size 3.5mm(E) hook

Crochet needle

Size to fit:   0-3 month’s baby

Gauge:  6 h dc x 3 Rows = 1 inch

Baby Barefoot Sandals Pattern:

Make chains 52 for 0-3 month’s size

Round1.  Make 1 hdc into 3rd ch, then make 1 hdc in each ch across to end, turn work.(50)

Round2. Ch1 not count, make hdc into same st, then make 1hdc in each ch across to end,

Turn work. (50)

Round3. Ch1 not count, make hdc into same st, then make 1hdc in each ch across to end,

At the end make small button hole, make chains 3, do a sl st to join into 1st row corner st.

Fasten off

Make Daisy Flower:

Make chains 5, do slip stitch to join into 1st ch to make a small circle.

Now working into circle.

Work. Into circle make *1sc, ch1, 3dc, ch1,sc* repeat from * to * 5 times into st.

Total 5 petals. Fasten off

Sewing.. fold a barefoot strap , then sew flower to attach sew a pearl into centre of

Daisy flower then finish off. Enjoy a small barefoot pattern for more help watch the

Video tutorial


  1. love your idea pattern. been searching for the like idea. yo put a smile on my heart. thank you so- so much for sharing. going to make a bunch to give to new born moms.

    1. thank u so much to like and appreciate my work

  2. The baby sandals are sweet & easy,thank you