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How to Make crochet baby Beaded flip flop sandals

crochet baby beaded flip flop sandals

Beaded sandals design:
Today we share a new and stylish crochet baby beaded sandals .this shoes crocheted for babies are sweet accessory for your summer time for the small and cute girls. This adorable crochet sandals made in new and modern style for summer to protect babies’ feet, it gives happy. we made many of the baby sandals design for new born to other many sizes only share with you, and for share my new ideas for those who want  to knew and share for  beginner crocheter want to learning and making things in home for the babies These beautiful baby crochet sandals are such fun to make with the same video. The pattern made in one size for 0-3 months. These pairs baby beaded crochet sandals will looks beautiful on little feet and make more stylish her personality.try and make for the little ones. Cool and airy for the summer with protection for little toes. We love and share free pattern for summer.

These Crochet pattern baby sandals made and share with the same video instruction. This cute and easy footwear for baby girls are perfect them in both season spring and summer. Those simple adorable designs work up so quickly and fasten. To begin by watching the video on working and join both sole.
I give you easy instructions for crochet baby beaded sandals only for 0-3 months’ choose one color white color yarn (light baby DK 100% acrylic) and use the same beads for these baby sandals pattern, you also choose other colors for this pattern. I think every color is perfect match for these small items.

These adorable and stylish baby sandals pattern crocheted for the small and cute princess. So! Please check out this easy pattern and watch my new ideas for the little ones. I hope you will enjoy and write about.

Item to be need:
White color baby DK double knit Acrylic yarn 4 ply (20 stitches = 4 inches)
Crochet hook size 3.00 mm
Size:   0-3 month’s baby
Gauge:  5 dc x 2 row = 1 inch
Pattern for gauge:  
Length of sole=3.5 inches
Special stitch:
1.       Do stitch marker on the back side and front side stitches.
2.       Ch3 as count for double crochet.
3.       Check out the size of the sole before working.

US Terms Abbreviation
c.           crochet
ch.         chain
sc.          single crochet
hdc.       Half double crochet
dc.         double crochet
slst.       slip stitch
st.          stitch
sts.        stitches
Rnd.       round
Rpt.          Repeat


To start working  the sole:
Round1:     ch13, 2dc in 4th ch from the hook, dc in next 8, 6dc in last ch,
Work in opposite side:
                   dc in next  8sts, 3dc in last st, slst to join in 1st dc. (28)
Round2:     ch3, dc in same st, 2dc in next 2 sts,dc in next 8 sts, 2dc in each 6 sts group,
Work in opposite side:
                   dc in next 8 sts, 2dc in each last 3sts group, slst to join in 1st dc. (40)
Round3:     ch1, sc in same st, 2sc in next st, (1sc, 2sc) rpt 2 times in next 4 sts, sc in
                   next 3 sts, hdc in next 2 sts, dc in next 3 sts, (2dc, 1dc)rpt 6 times  in each next
                   12 sts,
Work in opposite side:
                  dc in next 3 sts, hdc in next 2 sts, sc in next 3 sts,(2sc, 1sc) rpt 3 times in each
                   next sts, slst to join in 1st sc. (52). Fasten off

Note:   Make 3 more soles to the same pattern.
Join two soles together:
Sewing:   sew 2 soles together right side facing out, do a slst in each st around the sole. Fasten off

Make flap:
Round1:     Stitch marker the sole, leave 14 sts in front join yarn in next st, working only into the 
                   top sole sts, join yarn ch1, sc in same st, sc in each next 4 sts, turn. (5)
Round2-17:  sc in same st, sc in each next 4 sts across, fasten off and sew the falp.
Sew the flap in other side 5 sts, slst in each st into wrong side. Fasten off

Make heel part:
Leave 4 sts form the front flap in both of the sides, do stitch marker 20 sts in back side.
Round1:     join yarn, ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st across 19 sts, turn. (20)
Round2-7:  sc in same st, sc in each st across, turn. (20)

Make strap for left shoe:
Round8:     sc in each st across, make ch20, dc in 4th ch, dc in each ch across, do a slst. Fasten off

Make strap for right shoe:
Round8:    make ch20, dc in 4th ch, dc in each ch across, sc in each 20 sts across, slst. Fasten off

 Make chain strap:
Rejoin yarn into the center of the front flap; make ch12, slst in 7th ch, slst in each ch across, slst. Fasten off

Sewing beads on the flap:
Work:    with the help of needle and same color thread, sew plastic beads on the flap each row.
For more help (see the video tutorial)


  1. Very beautiful sandals. It is explained also very well without any confusion. God Bless.

  2. I saw your other creations. You have a wonderful hand and your creations are very beautiful. Thank You.

  3. The sandals are very beautiful. Can you please help me make one in 9-12 months size please.

    1. if small hook 3mm for 9-12 months do 16 chains ,if you have large hook do the same thing as we done.

  4. I’d also like to do the 9 to 12 month size with a bigger hook , which size hook would be the best to use if i went by your pattern ?