Monday 6 February 2023

Valentines Gift Woolen Gloves Ladies and Girls

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today topic my latest crocheted fingerless gloves free pattern special for valentines gift for girls. all sizes available  for Adult small/medium & large sizes in my free pattern and also explain in the video tutorial. Woman/ Girls pattern for gloves with beautiful Rose flowers i like it so much with purple and pink roses. we have created my own created pattern for Woman and girls gloves beautiful pattern for winter season and a gift for valentines day. i hope you will love it and appreciate my new pattern a beautiful fingerless gloves for woman's and girls. you can easily to change the size as you want to make according to yours hand. its simple and easy pattern i hope you will like it. for the pattern we used #4 Double knit wool with Hook size 4mm(G). 

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i have worked the fingerless woman's gloves for all sizes explain in my video tutorial and below in the free pattern.
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you can easily to change sizes as you want to make according to yours hand, we explain below in the free pattern in details you will need inch tap for measuring yours wrist size, use Double Knit wool #4  with 4mm US (G) hook size. we mention about details in inches about the pattern from start with in sides, you can make it easy for all type of sizes as you want. captioned videos for  fingerless gloves video


c.         crochet

ch.       chain

sc        single crochet

hdc      half double crochet

dc.       double crochet

sts.      stitches

st.        stitch

slst.     slip stitch

Trb.     Treble crochet

 Items to be need:

Woman's & Girls Small/Medium/Large sizes 

80 grams ball  #4 Double Knit wool DK (4 dc stitches & 2 Rows  = 1 inches)

Crochet hook size:4 mm US (G 6)|Hook 

 Size:  Ladies /Girls Small/Medium/Large Sizes

Gauge:  4dc & 2 Rows of pattern = 1 inch

Height of Gloves include Cuff Band : 8.5 inches/22 cm

Wrist circumference Small size = 6 inches/15 cm

Medium size = 6.5 inches/16 cm

Large size= 7 inches/18 cm

X- Large size = 7.5 inches 

or measurement to yours's Wrist of hand.

Make Rib Band/Cuffs Band:

Make chains 13,

Row 1- hdc into 2nd ch from the hook, hdc in each ch across, turn work.(12 hdc)

Row 2- ch1 not count, make hdc in each st into back loop 12 sts across, 

turn work.(12 hdc)

Row 3- 16: Repeat and follow Round2 of Band. (Adult Small size)

small size:      16 Rounds = 6 inches 

Medium size:  18 Rounds= 6.5 inches

Large size:     20 Rounds = 7 inches 

Repeat Round 2 until you have 16 Rows for small size or until the Rib Band to 

fits yours's wrist of hand circumference.

 For Adult small size I recommend 6 inches /15 cm in circumference for

 woman and girls.

Sew and join the Rib band together starting chains sts and the last round 12 sts,

do slip st in each 12 sts both together, then finish the rib band. 

For more help watch video tutorial

Starting with the gloves Pattern will crochet in rounds.

Round1- ch1 don't count as stitch, make a sc in each st around the edging,

slip st to join the round into first st. (28)

change color B:

Round2- ch2 we count first dc, make dc into same st, 1 dc in each st around,

slip st to join the round into first st. (29 sts)

Round3 :Repeat and follow Round 2.(30 sts)

Round4 :Repeat and follow Round 2.(31 sts) fasten off

Medium size: Repeat and follow round2 one more time. (32 sts) fasten off

Large size: Repeat and follow round2 two more times. (33 sts) fasten off

dived for thumb:

skip 8 stitches for thumb space.

Round5: slip st in each next 5 sts, 1dc in each next 23( 24/ 25) sts, chains 2,

skip next 2 sts , slip st to join the round into first dc.(23/24/25) sts

Round6:  ch2 we count first dc,1 dc in each st around, 1 dc in each next 2 chains,

slip st to join the round into first dc.(25/26/27) sts 

Round7-9: ch2 we count first dc,1 dc in each st around, slip st to join the round 

into first dc. fasten off

Make Thumb:

Round1- rejoin yarn into corner st, ch2 don't count, dc in each st around, 

dc 2 together into chains 2 of middle space, slip st.(10 dc)

Round2- ch1, sc in each st around. slip st.(10). fasten off 

Make Red Heart:

work: make a magic circle, working into magic circle make chains 2, 3 treble

 crochet,3 dc, 1 treble crochet, ch1, 1 treble crochet, 3 dc, 3 treble crochet, 

chains 2, slip st. fasten off and pull tight the circle.

sew a red heat on the cuff of gloves for right and left.

Make little Bow:

make chains 11, sc into 2nd ch, sc in each ch across, turn work.(10 sc)

Row 2: ch1 count, sc in each next 9 sts, turn work. (10 sc)

Row3-5: Repeat Row 2. fasten off and pull the yarn into middle of bow,

then attach on the cuffs of gloves.

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