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Crochet Balaclava/Cowl Hat for Boys & Girls Easy pattern for all sizes

Hello Friends and Followers! Today topic is crochet simple (Balaclava) easy Basic Baby cowl hat design for babies 2-5 years boys and girls. This adorable easy baby cowl hat design in new fashion, we have the pattern of baby beanie hat from 0-3 months to 5 years explain  all sizes in details in the pattern below and also explain in the 
i hope you can easily to change the size as you want to make for all kids boys and girls. you can make it in different colors larger or smaller. we explain below in my pattern in details for all sizes and also explain in details about all sizes in my video tutorial, i always want to bring easier pattern for all them and for beginners. 
hope you will enjoy and love my other project of the long pried we made more designs for Babies toddlers for boys and girls like ,

i love to crochet for winter and all the season the baby hat/ beanie hat/ Baby Bonnet in new design with new pattern , It's a very special gift for cute and lovely kids to protect him/her form all type of weather/ season. We always create and crochet pattern originally and share in my own blog page.

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Easy Baby Cowl Hat Ear Warming Makes

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Adorable crochet basic baby beanie ruffles edging hat explain below about all sizes, i hope you will like and appreciate, write about me, like, share to friends and also share on yours community and other yours social media forms.
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0-3/ 3-6/6-12 sizes Baby Beanie Hat tutorial
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Item to be need:

70 Grams DK Wool 4 ply / Medium Weight  #4 yarn (16-20 = 4 inches)

Crochet hook: 

0-3 months - (3.25 mm hook or US (D-3)

6-12 months- (3.5 mm hook or US (E-4)

12-24 months - (4mm hook or US(G-6)

toddler child sizes 1-5 years - 5 mm hook or (H-8)

Baby Hat Size:  2-5 years old 

Gauge:  4 single crochet stitches x 4 Rows = 1 inch with 5mm H-8 hook


c.         crochet

ch.       chain

sc        single crochet

hdc      half double crochet

dc.       double crochet

sts.      stitches

st.        stitch

slst.     slip stitch

Cowl hat free pattern:

2-5 years size: make chains 71 = 17-18 inches/44-46 cm

Color A:

Round1- sc into 2nd chains from the hook,1 sc in each ch across, turn work, (70 sc)

Round2- ch1 count as stitch, make 1 sc into back loop in each 70 sts across till end,

 turn work. We have 70 stitches

 Change colors for every 2 or 3 rows worked

Round3-26: Repeat Row 2. For size 2-5 years  

Continue the pattern as we worked in Round 2 of hat pattern or continue until the hat

 Measurement of other sizes as you want to make.

 Measurement of hat 26 rounds 7 inches/

 Fasten off fold in half and sew back of the hat together 70 stitches (first row stitches to last

 26 rows stitches), use a piece of yarn and yarn needle for sewing or watch the video tutorial


Make Rib band front of hat edging:

 Change color:

 Work:  Row 1- rejoin yarn into corner front of hat facing, make ch1, make sc in each 70 sts,

 slip st to Join into beginning ch.(70 sc)

 Row2-5: make ch1, sc in each 70 sts, do slip st into first ch. Fasten off

 Make cowl of hat:

 start work for cowl into bottom edging of hat, showing in pictures

 Row1- join yarn into base of the front border of band, rejoin same color yarn as we worked for

 Front border band, make ch1,* make 1 sc next st, 2 sc into next st*, repeat from * to * around,

 Do slip st into ch1, we have (80 sc)

 Row 2-4: ch1, sc in each st around, do slip st into ch1, (80 sc)

 Round5- ch1, turn work, make 1 sc in each st into back loop around, do slip st into ch1. (80 sc)

 Round 6-9: ch1, sc in each st around, do slip st into ch1.(80 sc)

 Round10:  ch1, turn work, make 1 sc in each st into back loop around, do slip st into ch1. (80 sc)

 Round 11-12: ch1, sc in each st around, do slip st into ch1.(80 sc)   

 Change color:

 Round 13-14:  ch1, sc in each st around, do slip st into ch1.(80 sc)   

 Finishing: make pom pom and sew on top of hat. Fasten off

 For pom pom tutorial watch my YouTube channel.

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