Sunday, 20 March 2016

Crochet Shoulder Bag

I made a large size crochet shoulder bag. It is very easy to crocheting. You have to use this bag for the school, shopping and many other ways to like. Crochet bags look like very beautiful to wearing.
I have to crochet it into green color wrested yarn, and use the 2nd color half white’s use the half white for the design, I think it is the best combination. You have to choose two different colors for the bag.

Instruction:   to start the bag into the bottom, it is very easy to starting, use the double crochet work into it, the pattern row I already explain into the pattern of the bag. To completing the bag make the flap part, when you decreasing the stitches not make a chain 2 and 1 double crochet in each stitch, leave the last st un worked, turn your work. If you don’t decreasing the stitches, so continue work to the end, make the edges of the flap, I used a picot stitch, if you not to make the picot, to use any other simple edging pattern.
When you competing the bag, then first sew the zipper same to the opening of the bag. To sewing the lining, first sew it the tow pieces cloth for the lining, and then sew into the bag. I explain the method of the sewing into the end of the pattern I think it is the easy way to sewing the lining.

Hook size. 3mm / US D 3.25mm

US Terms
c.         crochet
ch.       Chain
sc         single crochet
dc.       Double crochet
sts.      Stitches
st.        stitch
slst.      Slip stitch

Special st:       picot st(sc , ch2, slst into the sc 2 front strain, skip a st, sc picot 
                        into the next.

Gauge:           13w x 12L(6x4=1 inch)

Finished size: large


Rnd 1:   To Start the bottom; make ch 52, 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch

across, at the last ch 3 dc,Work into the opposite side, 1 dc in each st across,

at the last st 3 dc, put the st marker at the end of the round. (104)

Rnd 2- 5:   1 dc in each st around. (104)

Pattern row:
Change the 2nd color:
Rnd6:      (1 dc, skip a st, 1dc, 1 dc reverse into the skip st,) around, at the end to 
               change the main color. (104)
Rnd7-8:   1 dc, in each st around (104)
Pattern row:
Change the 2nd color:
Rnd9:    repeat (Rnd 6)
Rnd10-24:   repeat (Rnd 7)
Make a strap holder:
Rnd26: 1 dc into 46 sts, make a strap holder (6 sc into the corner for the strap, 
ch1, turn, repeat more 7 rnd) cut the yarn into 10 inches long.conutiue work, 
join the yarn into the base of the sc, ch1, 1 dc into next remaining 46 sts, make 
a 2nd strap holder (6 sc into the corner for the strap, ch1, turn, repeat more 7 rnd)
cut the yarn into 10 inches long.
Make a flap:

Rnd1:     join the yarn into the base of the sc, ch2, 1dc in each st across, ch2, 
Rnd2-3:  ch2 count as dc, 1dc in each st across, turn. (46)
Decreasing rnd:
Rnd4:      not make a ch 2, 1 dc in each of the next 44 sts, skip a last st , turn.(44)
Rnd5:     1dc in each st across. (44)
Rnd6:      repeat (Rnd 4) (42)
Rnd7:      repeat (Rnd 5)(42)
Rnd8:      repeat (Rnd 4) (40)
Rnd9:      repeat (Rnd 5) (40)
Pattern row:
Change the 2nd color:
Rnd10:    (1 dc, skip a st, 1 dc, 1 dc reverse into the skip st,) across, at the end 
               to change the main color. (38)
Rnd11:    repeat (Rnd 5) (38)
Rnd12:    repeat (Rnd 4) (36)
Pattern row:
Change the 2nd color:
Rnd13:    repeat (Rnd 10) (36)
Rnd14:    repeat (Rnd 4) (34)
Rnd15:    repeat (Rnd 5) (34) Fasten off.
Make the edges of the flap, use the picot st, around the flap.
Hold the ring into the strap holder and sew it strongly inside of the bag, 
sew the 2nd ring to the same.
Make a strap:

Make ch 151, sc into 2nd ch from the hook, sc in each ch across. Fasten off
Make 2 more into the same pattern; make all the 3 straps to the same length.
As you want to longer.

Making:    hold the 3 straps into the ring, sew into the inside, and then folding.
 Folding:   right strap into the center, left into the center, continue to the end, 
and sew all the straps inside the ring strongly. Fasten off.
Finishing:    make a crochet button: work; 6sc into a magic ring, slst, make 
5 more rows, put a small ball like button into the hole, and then sew the top, 
cut the yarn 7 inches long, and then sew it into the center of the bag.
Make a ring for the button: work; make ch11, slst in each st across, slst to join, 
sew it inside the flap.

Sewing:   sew the matching zipper into the same length of the bag opening.
 Sew the Lining: 

Use any color thick fabric for the lining.
Making:   lay out the two pieces of the fabric, put the bag on it and then cut it in 1inches gape for the sewing, use the machine for sewing, fold the fabric in the right side together, and then sew the fabric into the wrong side around, leave small hole 2inches opening in the bottom, finish the sewing, and grab the right side out, then sew the small hole. Again use the machine, leave the top opening and sew the both sides of the lining.
Lining is ready for sewing, put the lining into the bag right side facing, start into the corner, then sew slowly same the zipper stitching, use the same thread for the sewing. Fasten off.